back to article HTC readies radical Touch HD revamp

HTC has drawn up plans for a significant upgrade to its Touch HD smartphone, Register Hardware has learned. So long Windows - the follow-up to the Touch HD (pictured) will run on Android The original Touch HD – launched late last year – runs Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. But the phone firm told us that the updated …


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  1. Jack Harrer

    Poor MSFT

    Even their big marketing machine hasn't stopped WinMo from slipping. Which I suppose is a good thing, judging how terrible WinMo is.

    Also that will give Android another push, as well as Apple, to innovate. Love that part of capitalism ;)

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Android - check HTC's website

    Strange reading from the article that HTC is using Android on their Touch2 when looking at their website they are plugging Windows 6.5 with lovely pictures to boot......

  3. Tony Smith (Written by Reg staff)


    The Touch 2 is indeed WinMob 6.5

    But this story is about the Touch HD 2.

  4. Bassey


    This would seem to indicate that HTC are looking to use Windows Mobile on their low-mid end devices (the Touch 2, for example) whilst putting Android on the High-end devices. Despite Windows Mobile costing (in terms of license per device sold to MS) whilst Android is Open Source. Bizarre!

  5. Michael C


    All those who bought a Gen 1 HTC Touch, and a bunch of apps, now got to start ALL OVER... So sorry. Shoulda bought an iPhone; a device that actually has some reasonable expectation of backward compatibility and product line longevity.... and wasn't a cheap immitation.

  6. Andy Moore 1


    I only bought my Touch HD about 6 weeks ago. Wish I had waited longer.

  7. Martin Lyne

    Give it a good camera

    For the love of all that's holy. A decent camera and flash and YOU HAVE MY MONEY HTC. WHY DON'T YOU WANT MY MONEY?

  8. Anonymous Coward
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    I'll wait for Tegra thanks rather than this Qualcrap stuff.

  9. Dave Fox


    Given that there are going to loads of devices which run WinMo 6.5, an HTC Touch HD owner is hardly going to left in the lurch. They just need to by a device that isn't called the Touch HD 2! However, quite why HTC would want to confuse the issue by calling it the Touch HD 2 when it isn't a direct successor does seem a little odd to me - then again this is the company that have 2 devices called "Hero" which look completely different!

  10. gav_taylor
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    about time...

    been waiting for ages for HTC to announce the Touch HD2, my touch HD is probably one of the best phones I've had, and its getting android instead on winslow... er I mean winmob...

    good news indeed... all we need now is some concept designs or one of those lovely guys or gals at htc to "misplace" some pic's

  11. DRendar

    @Martin Lyne

    "For the love of all that's holy. A decent camera and flash and YOU HAVE MY MONEY HTC. WHY DON'T YOU WANT MY MONEY?"

    Hear Hear - totally agree.

    My Nokia N82 is staying right in my pocket until someone comes up with a newer, open phone with Xenon flash and good Lens.

    HTC I'm looking at you - Bring out a hero or HD Touch running Android with a 5MP+ Camera and XENON flash and I'll snap your hand off.


    PLEASE quit putting shitty LED flashes on supposedly high-end camera phones.

    What's the point of having a 12MP camera if you can't take decent photos, unless in well lit environments!?


  12. IL&M

    Not surprising

    The HTC Touch Diamond 2 sort of closed off the avenues for HTC in making a WinMo followup to the HD.

    Apple Fanbois, I'm going to use the hardware keyboard on my Touch Pro to log into my corporate VPN and RDP to my servers. Enjoy your toy.

  13. h 6

    A@ IL&M

    I don't even know what that is past the throw-back hardware keyboard, but what ever it is, good for you. Have fun with it.

  14. Brian Witham

    I think I speak for everyone when

    I ask the following cliche...

    Will it have a normal headphone socket!?

    Ah satisfying, roll on android, my time with you win mo will be over soon

  15. ElNumbre
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    Good News Everybody!

    Hopefully this will give XDA-Developers a better/easier chance at porting Android to other HTC phones. I'd like to have the choice between Android and WinMo 6.5, even though 6.5 is amazing in comparison on 6.1.

  16. Greg J Preece

    @Michael C

    You're a bit of an idiot really, aren't you? Does the fact that it's called WinMobile 6.5 not give something away to you? The clue is in the version number. You're accusing an operating system that has been around far longer than Android or that shitty iPhone of not having any longevity, not having enough apps/backwards compatibility, etc, etc.

    You know what that makes you? Stupid.

    I would love an Android phone myself, but unless the HD 2 impresses, I'll stick with my WinMobile device for now. Already got all the apps they're still developing on the other platforms. All I want is an up-to-date Android phone with a physical keyboard and a battery life that doesn't suck donkey balls.

  17. Stephen Byrne
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    HTC Epic Fail?

    After waiting 3 years for a device that was both powerful enough to run our Sales Rep's on-the-road software suite which can only run on Windows Mobile, and that had a decent sized screen that they could actually read, AND was a phone as well - now we'll have to find something else as once the original HD becomes obsolete we can't upgrade.

    Either that or convince the developer to rewrite it for Android. I wonder how many other people have "legacy" WM apps that will not be able to migrate, or are most folks just using the Phone side of the device?

  18. Andrew Denton 1

    A couple of points.....

    If you have an existing Touch HD, you can put WinMo 6.5 on your phone courtesy of the guys over at XDA Developers. I think they've also managed to get Android running on it too.

    The Touch HD does have a proper headphone socket, so I would think it highly likely the Touch HD 2 has also.

  19. maloo

    Cant wait

    So happy they are releasing an android phone with 800x480 res!!

    Theres one thing I hate more than anything: Being forced to give money to M$ when it is packaged with the best hardware!

    Hopefully it will have the 3.5mm audio jack also!

  20. gav_taylor

    3.5mm audio jack

    cant see why it wouldn't have one, the last touch HD did and HTC have said they are putting them on all phones as standard due to popularity and peoples hatred of the mini-usb headphones...

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