back to article Japan's first lady visits Venus

The wife of Japan's next prime minister claims to have clocked up a diplomatic first by visiting Venus, Reuters reports. Miyuki Hatoyama, who's hitched to soon-to-be PM Yukio Hatoyama, wrote last year in a book not unreasonably entitled Very Strange Things I've Encountered: "While my body was asleep, I think my soul rode on a …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wonder if it was a diplomatic affair?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Some people...

    ... just can't have a vidid dream without making a song and dance about it. And with what we know about venus, we now know all those Venusian UFO encounters in the 50's and 60's were just fantasy.

    Still, if the good lady wishes to believe she went to Venus, then I have no objections. At least this particular belief won't kill anyone.

  3. /dev/me

    The green fields of Venus...

    Such a shame they let it go to waste

  4. Anonymous Coward

    If I were you Mrs Hatoyama.....

    .... I would not mention your interplanetary adventures as hubby might have to visit Uranus......


    Ok I'll go now.....

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Better believing went to Venus

    Than believing you have the ability to run the country - and actually get into the position of doing so - aka Blair & Brown

  6. John Doe 1

    Ah, yes...

    Most likely her soul just needed to visit a really good sauna for a deep and restorative soul cleansing. Venus apparently fit the bill quite well. Only, what, about 467 degrees (Celsius) at the surface today?

  7. Keller Drozdick


    I'll be the first to nit-pick: I seem to recall that venus was continually envelloped by thick clouds, clouds of acid in fact, that continually block direct sunlight. So while undoubtedly hot and unpleasant, I don't believe sun scortched is correct. I'd buy sweltering, though.

  8. Dr. Mouse

    Just goes to show the sceptics...

    just how fast Global Warming can destroy a planet!

  9. LuMan

    Not so difficult to believe.

    As a child Gordon Brown dreamt of a land where taxes were high and down-trodden, law abiding citizens could be fined for being victims. The streets were paved with beggars, hoodies and mutant BMX-ers. Just when he dreamt he could squeeze no further cash from the poor, amaciated populace a new idea would form and his pot would filleth over.

    He called this land 'Britain' and it's existence is true....

  10. Rod MacLean

    Conditions on Venus

    "before the planet became the hellish, sun-scorched wasteland it is now."

    Well, that's what happens when there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere. The pressure is over 90 times the pressure of the atmosphere on Earth, so even in a spacesuit fitted with sun factor 50, you'd have a hard time surviving there.

    Venus is not really all that sun-scorched though - high levels of sulfur in the atmosphere means that there are huge clouds of the stuff flying around - enough to prevent us seening the surface, so presumably enough to stop most sunlight getting there. It's even believed that lead-sulfide drops as snow in the most elevated areas.

    Imagine getting hit on the back of the head by a lead-sulfide snowball! What do you use as a nose on your lead-sulfide snowman?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And her husband once dreamt he was Dan Dare...

    Seems like they're mekon a big fuss out of nothing and disturbing my treen of thought.

  12. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Not a first

    Georg Adamski had been on Venus a long time ago.

  13. IR


    Either something is lost in the translation, or "My current husband has a different way of thinking. He would surely say 'Oh, that's great'." means that she hasn't actually told him yet and is guessing what he would say.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Were there men there?

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  15. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    That reminds me....

    Twas on the good ship Venus,

    Ah, you should have seen us.

    The figurehead

    Was a whore in bed,

    And the mast a rigid ...

  16. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    NEUKlearer House of the Rising Sun Power... Play Station Diplomacy .... for AI Leaders?*

    ""My current husband has a different way of thinking. He would surely say 'Oh, that's great'." ....

    Now that's my kind of power couple and why Japan is such a Marvellous Magical Mystery Turing Trip with Untold Latent Riches and Virtual Energy Potential. Thinking Normally along with the Crowd never Invented or Achieved Anything Outstanding and Original for the Establishment and most certainly Never Ever will in Cloud. Has Japan finally come out of ITs Shell to Amaze US with its Future Vision Technologies? Let's Imagine IT is True with the recent Colossal Political Climate Change the Main Engine, Ignition Sequence Start, All Systems are Go.

    * Red Hot PC Animals.

  17. Tom 35

    before the planet became the hellish, sun-scorched wasteland it is now.

    See what happens when you use patio heaters!

  18. b166er


    And the difference between 'probably a dream' and 'Oh, that's great'?

    The former spoken to his wife nearing the end of a relationship and the latter spoken at the beginning of a relationship. Both equate to the same pat-on-the-head, that's nice dear kind of remark, it's just the former was a tad more flippant.

  19. SlabMan

    Won't someone save me the bother?

    The bother of posting that I dreamt I went to Paris. No? Selfish lot.

  20. J 3
    Paris Hilton


    But before inventing stupid New Age tripe about friendly aliens from beautiful green places, people should at least check what is actually known about said places -- there are even pictures, dammit. I guess that would take "too much" smarts. Which frightens me for geopolitical reasons. I hope the next Japanese PM is with her for her looks, then...

  21. northern monkey


    My god he does have very prominent eyes - has he ever been to Roswell? And is it technically an UFO if you're riding it - I mean it's obviously a Venusian scout craft send to fetch the consorts of Earth's prime ministers or future prime ministers, which certainly goes some of the way to explaining why Cherie Blair had such a weird smile.

  22. Jonathan McColl
    IT Angle

    Perfectly reasonable ...

    You missed that she was dreaming. Her *body* was asleep here and her spirit did the visiting, but not necessarily in real time. I think it's clear that she attended the steamy green marshes of Venus half a century ago when Heinlein was writing, or perhaps a few millennia ago before the planet started its wild Velikovskyan ride through our bit of the cosmos. Really you people have so little appreciation of Strange.

  23. Steve Avis

    re: Jonathan McColl

    I think you mean Edgar Rice Burroughs, and it was Mars, not venus (although Heinlin referred to it in The Number of The Beast).

    /aged SF geek

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