back to article Toshiba multimedia touchscreen tablet out by Christmas

While world + dog holds its breath for Apple to pop out the tablets, Toshiba has let out a gasp with its announcement of the JournE touch. This 7in, 16:9 aspect, LED touchscreen, wireless multimedia tablet features an ARM-based processor and runs Windows CE 6.0 Pro. Toshiba JournE tablet Toshiba’s JournE touchscreen tablet …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    When will these companies learn...

    that Windows Mobile = FAIL? Lovely-looking device like this, and they put that tosh on it (and not even the pimped up 6.5).

    Android, Symbian, Windows 95 - anything, just anything but Windows Mobile 6.

  2. Dan 10


    I suppose for those that don't care about such things, CE will probably do. (How vulnerable is it to exploits?) Of more interest, however, is the price and the USB input. If they can manage to get this out the door for £199 or less in the UK, I suspect there will be Linux distros flying around for it pretty quickly (who said penguins can't fly?!)

  3. Jack Harrer
    Thumb Down

    Windows CE?

    Win CE? And what are we supposed to install on it? It should run Linux, at least there are some programs for it... FAIL, big, big MSFT sponsored FAIL!

  4. Bilgepipe


    Windows CE? How 1993.

  5. captain veg Silver badge

    Take care

    "Internet Explorer takes care of the web browsing duties"

    Is that in the same way that mafiosi take care of informers?


  6. Anonymous Coward

    Linux Version on the way

    Okay peeps, we're just a small fry company to tosh, but we're got a 7" Linux tablet in development which should be available from December/January.

    If there are any aspects you'd like to see other than the list below email us.

    Spec so far :

    Ubuntu - Debian OS

    ARM 1200 Processor

    512mb memory

    8GB Storage

    100GB Ethernet

    7" wide screen touchscreen


    Casing is currently being designed and will be either Metal or Rubber. Battery spec hasnt been finalised yet but will be at least 6 hours continuous use.

    We're considering a webcam, sound and BT but these were not part of the initial brief.

    Our unit is not designed for the consumer market and is more industrial/rugged. We recon costs will be higher than tosh, but the additional casing ruggedness and our low production quantity pushes pricing up.

    SO not a unit for nothing but something that might suit your preferred OS.

    for more info contact us via the website -

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