back to article OnLive game beta enters public stream

OnLive, the streaming game service that seeks to answer if the all-powerful cloud can run Crysis, is letting PC and Mac users test the system for themselves. The company has opened a public beta for the service today, seeking a wide range hardware configurations and broadband situations to apply. Those signing up are prompted …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    USA only


  2. David Licence

    Only for US

    Live Beta is only for US customers

  3. Bug
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    USA Only

    Might help if this minor bit of info was included in the article.

    Quote from the page linked to

    You need to be at least 18, based in the US and have a broadband-connected PC running Windows Vista®/XP®, or an Intel®-based Mac.

  4. ScarabMonkey

    US only

    so don't get ya hopes up... yet.

  5. Sampler
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    Only available in the US

    Obviously not wanting to test their compression algorithm over the Atlantic

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Seems to only be open to the US?

    just tried signing up & it refuses to accept my post code in the zip code box

  7. Chris 182

    US only


  8. Mark C Casey


    Nothing says fun like input lag, moving the mouse cursor or pressing a button and waiting for the resultant input to affect the game.. fun!

    OnLive could only ever really work over a LAN. Simple fact is that no matter how efficient and quick their encoding and decoding mechanism is, they're still limited by the inevitably packet shaped, crappy home connection that most people are on. Hell, even with a business class ADSL2 line there's still going to be an unacceptably high level of input lag. Good luck trying to play any racing or twitch gaming.

  9. Marc Spillman


    ...having friends over the pond has a purpose.

    PS relatively easy to find a US zip code using the powers of the Interweb

  10. Anonymous Coward

    You sound surprised...

    Merkins don't realise there's a world outside their borders and their "journotards" are no better.

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