back to article Intel vows PC virtualization skoolin' for OEMs

Intel has vowed to keep on educating OEMs about PC virtualization, as vendors sell machines that have left customers frustrated and angry. One of the chip giant's top executives told press Tuesday that Intel had already been working with PC makers so they could "understand the benefits of virtualization technology" on PCs. …


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  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    why enable in the bios?

    I've been frustrated with servers recently myself, which seem to come with VT disabled by default and I have to go enable it on each box. Is there an advantage to having it disabled? Why would anyone set the option to disabled by default?

    Same goes for "Intel I/O AT", disabled by default at least on the most recent Dell systems that we have, any reason to have it off by default? I mean if you have software that doesn't take advantage of it you won't be able to take advantage of it anyways, but what's the point of having it default to off especially on a brand new server?

    Desktops/laptops too, I can't imagine a reason not to ship with VT enabled by default.

    I turn VT and IO/AT on all boxes regardless if I ever think I'll use them right away. I just haven't seen a reason not to.

  2. Britt Johnston

    clarify disadvantages, please

    Interesting, I always hoped there would be some qualitative advantage to multi-core processors.

    What problems were Sony and Fujitsu trying to avoid by leaving the option switched off? Performance?

  3. Pawel 1

    Fantastic advice

    Given that Sony removed the option to switch it on from BIOS. Warranty guys probably won't be happy if I disassemble and patch it, will they?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Re: Nate Amsden & Britt Johnston

    Sony et al. were s****ing themselves when they've seen it.

  5. Dave 145


    That why I use an AMD Processor and for one they have supported VT since the Athlon 64.

    Intel have taken a postive step to get OEM's to open this up which is good, but to be fair who would buy a Sony laptop anyway. It's overpriced tat and just wants to show how small a C*ck they have, any one that buys a FS was just asking for it!!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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