back to article EMC demos cloak of storage invisibility

EMC today demoed how its upcoming fully-automated storage tiering (FAST) technology working together with SSDs might drastically improve storage performance and efficiency. At this week's VMworld conference in San Francisco, EMC's Chad Sakac, vp of the VMware Technology Alliance and the geek behind the blog Virtual Geek, …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    ask compellent ?

    If you want to know how well it works how about asking the one(only?) company that is shipping (what appears to be) block based automatic storage tiering which is Compellent ?

    On the file-side of automatic storage tiering there is BlueArc, my company used to be a BlueArc customer though we never got to trying that particular technology from them.

    My company's workloads don't demand automatic storage tiering, our work loads are pretty static, though we can change tiers on the fly, it's not something I've needed to do(though I certainly wouldn't turn down having the option). Our array is 100% SATA and gets slammed pretty good though the cache on the controllers is holding up quite well.

    I have no experience with Compellent storage systems though their tiering technology has always interested me since I first heard about it.

  2. Chavdar Ivanov

    What about Sun's AmberRoad?

    Old news - Sun has had it for quite some time. Get the blueprint from

    The cache warm-up will take longer than 20 minutes, though.

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