back to article Samsung steels itself for Twittering yoof touchphone release

Samsung will launch a new yoof-centric mobile phone later this month. The handset shares a moniker with a former Northamptonshire steel town. Samsung said the Corby will sport a 2.8in, 320 x 240 touchscreen and provide access to users' Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts. There's no HSDPA or even 3G: the Corby goes to the …


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  1. Samuel Williams


    Perhaps they could throw in a trouser press to help smarten them yoofs up?

  2. Paul Hates Handles

    240x320 surely?

    Why is it Samsung frequently get their own phone specs wrong on their website?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    oh god

    Having lived near Corby for a number of years, I can only say that this is equivelant to calling the phone the Samsung Shithole.

  4. caerphoto

    Tocco Lite

    So it's like a Tocco Lite but with different colours on the back?

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