back to article Microsoft names Windows Mobile 6.5 release date

The latest version of Windows Mobile will be available on mobile phones next month, Microsoft has confirmed. The software giant has hyped up Windows Mobile 6.5 for some time now, but today finally announced that the first handsets to support the redesigned OS will start appearing in retail stores on 6 October. Despite …


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  1. Preston Crow


    Will this run all phones that currently have WM6, or did they raise the requirements?

    I might be willing to do an OS upgrade to get a better browser, which might postpone my jumping to a Google or Apple phone.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    So what..


    last(ish) gasp of something that should have died years ago...

  3. Richard 116
    Thumb Down


    Can I be first to say it will be shit? Haven't tried it, just thought I might get in there before everyone else.

  4. My New Handle

    And the upgrade path is ...

    ... to buy another phone? If M$ is serious about competing in the phones OS market then it better wise up and start doing some more copying of the Apple iPhone and Google Android paradigm. In-life updates/upgrades to the OS.

    But then this is Microsoft we're talking about., fat and complacent.

  5. Jimmy Floyd

    @Preston Crow

    Agreed. It would be very astute of MS to give this one away to existing WM users, perhaps as a kind of "sorry the interface has been so bad." They won't, of course, but it might delay my jumping to something else too.

    At the moment that's looking like an Android because I won't let Stevie-J dictate to me how I should use *my* device. But there's no way I'm waiting until WM7 for what is meant to be the dogs. If it's that good I'll come back.

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  7. Geoff Lamb

    Re: I've had a Windows Phone for the past 9 years

    >I've had a Windows Phone for the past 9 years

    Yep, probably the last time they updated the browser and interface :-)

  8. Tom 89

    @Preston Crow

    Orange issued a press release saying that they'd be offering free upgrades for Customers on 6.1 - though there was no mention of compatibility issues.

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