back to article Yahoo! loses spot at Britain's biggest ISP

In a bizarre development Yahoo! has lost its search place on the BT Yahoo! home page to Google. BT is the UK's largest ISP and the deal will presumably not do much for Yahoo!'s page impressions, which it puts at 720m a month for the UK and Ireland (that's from 2001). Google already provided the technology behind the search but …


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  1. The Beer Monster

    Surely you meant...

    Yahoo! loses! spot! at! Britain's! biggest! ISP! ?

  2. Scott Lamb


    That's wonderful marketing speak... Congratulations! You're fired!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Hey Ballmer !

    You just bought into Yahoo at the right time - ahahhah

  4. Piers

    You'd think Bing might have been in with a chance...

    twist. that. knife.

  5. Jason Sweby

    Yahoo provided by Google

    As part of this new agreement BT Yahoo!’s web search will be provided by Google?!

    I wonder if Microsoft's new Zune HD will be provided by Apple?

  6. brianokelly

    Yahoo! loses! spot! at! Britain's! biggest! ISP!

    Thought the same thing as Beer Monster when I read the title.

  7. Ralph Hodgson


    ....powered by Google?

    This surely is a big slap in the face for Yahoo!

    You can just imagine the board meeting.....

    Yahoo! rep sipping coffee, in walks BT director of commerce, with guy in suit. 'Hello Mr Yahoo! we love your email client, but Mr. Google here is going to takeover the search engine, cos he is more popular than you!

    ! sign.... well I just had to.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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