back to article Hackers serve up pre-release malware to Mac fanboys

Virus slingers are taking advantage of the release of Apple's Snow Leopard operating system by offering malware from sites touting operating system upgrades. Dodgy sites supposedly offering Snow Leopard were rigged to push an Apple-specific DNS changer Trojan, detected by Trend Micro as JAHLAV-K. The malware is a MAC OS X …


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  1. George 24

    You know you've made it

    You know you have made it as an OS as far as popularity is going, when hackers are bothering writing code for you.

  2. mrweekender

    Well if you're.....

    .....stupid enough to download your software from unreliable sources or even worse download pirated software, expect shit in your coffee - fucking morons!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Conspiracy !!!

    I don't believe a word of it - how much did the anti-virus lobby pay you to publish this?

    Why would I go to a site other than Apple for an upgrade? It is only 29 bucks! Or not go to Foxit to get their software.

    Snow leopard has antivirus built in, so how are the antivirus firms going to make any money (Don't invest in them they are a dying breed) unless they develop the viruses themselves now that PC people are finally realising is truth - Macs just work - and are dumping their old OS's.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Malware for Macs never !!!!

    Oh how the mighty have fallen lmao

    i think i will stick with windows seven

  5. Anonymous Coward

    wot no viruses on mac?


  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's not a virus if you have to download it, double-click on it and then type in your admin password before it can do anything.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    No Sympathy

    Muppets installing pirated software get just desserts. BFD, Boo-F**king-Hoo, etc, etc. Cheap b*stards deserve all they get.


  8. ThomH

    But why would you download Foxit?

    @Anonymous Coward, vishal vashisht: I don't think anyone's going to bite. But I think AC wins the trolling contest so far for not confusing a trojan with a virus.

    On the main topic, given that OS X ships with a PDF viewer that is quite snappy, why would anyone want to download Foxit? It seems like a really odd piece of software to pick, especially when there are several ubiquitous pieces of Mac freeware and several more ubiquitous pieces of Windows freeware with no Mac port.

  9. Urs Keller

    Apple Fanbois do not download warez!!

    We died-in-the-wool Apple Fanbois BUY the stuff, every stuff, anytime because we want Steve to get even more filthy stinkin' rich!!

    These must be M$ freetards that download the stuff!!

  10. Budley.Sama

    Barely news worthy

    Malware released for a new system close to release, what a suprise. Malware writers always go for the popular new releases in the hope that they can get on to a system before any oversights (which there always will be at the begining) get patched.

    @ AC 12:12 Lots of people (idiot or skinflints) will visit dodgy sites in an attempt to get a product cheaper or free, even when the product costs very little. Thanks for the laugh about all viruses being written by anti virus companys, best one i've heard all week! Remember NO (not even my beloved linux) system is fool proof and arrogance leads to downfall.....

  11. bart

    Fuxit What?

    Never mind that any search for PDF software for Mac does not lead to "Foxit." Never mind that Foxit does not (or apparently intend to) make software for Mac. Never mind that most PDF lifting is already done by OSX.

    I have little sympathy (ok none) for those caught or planning on getting caught by this hoax/malware/crap. I would hope that even the most narcissistic fanbois has the minimum smarts to dodge this "highly convincing" ruse.

    Never mind.

  12. Maliciously Crafted Packet

    Still no self replicating worms though

    Its not a proper enterprise OS until you can get self replicating worms running on it.

    When that day comes you'll know the Mac has arrived and IT will finally take OS X seriously.

  13. James Gibbons

    Reminds me of my very first virus

    This brings back fond memories. Back in the 80's I went to my local Mac store and copied their new OS disks to install on my Mac (that being the way upgrades were done in the early days). After that my machine started to act funny. Had to go and buy my first AV which at the time was Norton for Mac. Never managed to get a virus on my DOS PC before then, but didn't have Internet either.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We've made it! Thanks!

    I for one feel proud we fanbois have finally made it! We have MALWARE! What a great a day! We have finally been accepted as a genuine O/S, so much so that spotty twats (or organised terrorists as the RIAA would have us believe! ) with more time than sense have wasted countless hours finding ways to hook gullible freeloading prats into their illegal money making schemes!

    On a serious note, who are these total pillocks that go around touting OSX is safe from nasties? Every O/S and I mean every single O/S can be hacked somehow, no O/S is safe, period. The only way to keep an O/S free from nasties is to never start the damn thing up! The fanbois need a big dose of reality pie, I moved from Windows and Linux to OSX, I have dealt with nasties in the past, thanks to that experience I am a little more clued up and try hard to not be another smug, complacent Church of Jobs nob!

  15. Mick F

    why would you bother...

    writing a virus for an OS with less than 5% market share?

  16. B 9

    Another uninformed story by an uninformed author

    For those of you gloating about Macs getting a virus, you might want to wait a few moments for an education. This is a trojan, NOT a virus. Big difference. Both malware but a virus spreads on it's own, a trojan is given permission to install by the user.

    So in conclusion, still no viruses for OS X, a handful of trojans for those dumb enough to install them. Sorry to ruin the day of the haters here, but sometimes facts intrude on your fantasies.

  17. Player_16

    @ Mick F

    'why would you bother writing a virus for an OS with less than 5% market share?'

    For the fame, silly person! Can you imagine bringing down a chest-pounding, red-flag waving company like Apple to its knees would do for your rep? What's the point writing one for Windows? Been there, done that 100,000's times. BFD.

    Mild correction on two fronts: it was a 'Trojan', not a 'Virus'; but I see your point. If you're going to quote % get that right too: <10% Now THAT'S a Fail!

  18. magnetik

    @Mick F

    Why did someone bother writing a virus for Linux powered iPods, of which there are only a few thousand worldwide?

    You get a big fat fail for buying into the "market share = malware" myth.

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