back to article Breakfast cereal freebie CD dishes up hard-core smut

A Swedish woman has described herself as "shaken" and somewhat "disappointed" that a freebie fitness CD from a packet of Nestlé Fitness cereal dished up hard-core porn in addition to the healthy benefits of a dance-based workout. Ida Riedel Palmer, 23, popped the "Body Jam" disc into her computer and was immediately directed …


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  1. Christopher Rogers


    That would definately get you up in the morning....

  2. Jim Carter
    Paris Hilton

    I'm still wondering

    Why she has grounds for complaint. For most men, and some women I know, this would be the find of the century!

    Paris... well quite obvious really.

  3. Dan 10
    Paris Hilton


    Where can I buy one?!

    Paris, obviously.

  4. Chris Gooding


    Smut accidentally finding it's way on to a breakfast cereal CD give away I can believe.....

    A 23 year old Swedish woman being "shaken" by it? I'm afraid I just find outrageously unbelievable!

  5. Jonathan 17


    Quote: "Despite suffering the effects of exposure to unfamiliar sexual practices, Palmer checked the CD in two more computers, just to make sure."

    She watched it three times to make sure it was porn? Good for her.

  6. Richard Harris

    Porn Flakes?

    Did she pour on the milk and get Slap, Tickle and Grope?

  7. northern monkey

    Poor guy

    "I called my boyfriend to check if he had been using my computer, but he told me he hadn't."

    I sure his denial came faster than the speed of light (no pun intended). As that comedian whose name escapes me says 'Who says men are bad at multitasking - have you seen us when we nearly get caught watching porn!'

  8. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse
    Thumb Up


    It's not a mistake, it's providing information on similar forms of exercise for those who don't like dancing.

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  10. This post has been deleted by its author

  11. Raspy32


    So, despite her protestations, she actually liked it so much that she bought another one? :)

  12. Toby Rose


    Only the tastiest and wholesome nuts go into our cereals!! Try with strawberries and cream for something different ...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Shurely Shome Mishtake?

    Swedes complaining about porn?

    Don't they know that they were almost single-handedly responsible for the underground video scene of the 1980s?

    You also missed the bit about the PC repair technician arriving and saying "I'll need to get out my massive tool". Then I beleive she handed him the CD and said "Stick it in my slot"... etc etc

    Paris - she's had a porn delivery surprise (but featuring herself)

  14. Anonymous Coward

    "Bought another packet..."?

    What, for her boyfriend or something? ooer.

    or maybe she "just wanted to check" if it was a one-off issue..... yeah, right.

  15. B3vil

    Seen similar with audio CDs and game updates

    Were they a few years past their best before date?

    I only ask because i've seen similar with some 'enhanced' audio CDs and game updaters.

    In both cases the software has contained links to websites which have long since expired, and (probably maliciously) been bought up by people pushing malware.

  16. DZ-Jay

    Porn flakes?

    CLASSIC!! It must be Friday, cheers!


  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "No I haven't changed cereal. But I have bought another packet."

    Wouldn't it have been easier to bookmark the page?

  18. John Hawkins

    Poms, Swedes, smut and Pavlovs dogs...

    ROFL - mention Sweden and pornography to poms and they'll start drooling, giggling and telling bennyhillsque jokes. Yer not getting enough obviously...

    Beer cos it's POETS day.

  19. Evil Auditor Silver badge

    Hang on!

    "not that I know much about it" Yup we all believe that.

    "but he told me he hadn't" And that as well.

    "But I have bought another packet" Sure, she likes the porn flakes or whatever. What irritates me is the word 'but'. Is she hoping for more/other smut?

    Anyway, great Friday story!


  20. Damien Thorn

    offer to help

    If any reg readers would like to help identify rogue cd's and boxes theres a rumour the CEO is conducting a private survey to check several dozen boxes.

    To participate just turn up with a box of nestle with its CD, and bring along 2 forms of id and a long jacket to: Address witheld.

  21. rodster
    Paris Hilton

    It looks like it was her boyfriend after all...

    - and he was watching porn on ALL their computers :-D

    Re: Body Jam in the News (Sweden)

    In selected countries we have supplied a BODYJAM or BODYCOMBAT VCD to go on Nestle Fitness cereal packs -a great promotion that's getting millions of new people to try Les Mills workouts at home and in clubs. The response has been huge we suggest if you want one you should go out and grab a box asap!

    Some people who have used the VCD got a surprise they weren't expecting. The basic explanation is that on some PCs using Vista and Windows Media Player,the VCD has not played automatically. So if you were watching something else before you put the CD in, when you push play it brings up the last video to be played on that computer .

    We're sure some people might be hoping for a little extra spice but our VCD's on the Nestle packs don't contain adult content! But they'll still give you a great workout at home!

    The Les Mills team

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    Times Have Changes

    Swedish feminists notoriously come down hard (fnarr) on porn. There's even a rule that any employee of the government may not stay at a hotel that shows PPV porn.

    They're not noted for their sense of humour.

  23. HooHah!

    How to Sour A Relationship!

    Way to go, Palmer: blame the boyfriend first. Knee-jerk political correctness sounds to me like a really good way to sour a relationship.

  24. Anonymous Coward


    Don't make a mess of your Shreddies, and these are not activities that you should Force anyone to do.

  25. call me scruffy

    Recycled links,

    Circa 2001 "", a URL that was prominently on the back of oreiley's TCL/TK book pointed to a porn site.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Come-on El-Reg...

    Post a link to the GooTube version.

    It's a safe bet the CD's will be on eBay by the Weekend...

  27. Dan Caugherty
    Paris Hilton

    I don't get it..

    The contents were clearly promoting exercise. Didn't she get what she paid for?

    (Paris because.. well, if you have to ask...)

  28. Piers

    Loo - it's ok, as long as the CD was packed in a condom...

    er... no.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Might inspire her to sexercise more?

    Not a bad idea from the exercise point of view, cheaper than a gym, bar-gain!

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    .... well she might be swedish - but her name does not exactly appear to be swedish - perhaps she is an "innocent" immigrant? Now that would explain one or two of her comments...

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Never happens to me :(

    I did once open a Fortran compiler CD (disc correctly labelled) that turned out to be pressed from a Bruce Springsteen album. Almost as upsetting as finding hardcore pron at breakfast, but much less newsworthy

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's a funny coincidence that she was expecting a dance excercise video and got porn.

    Back in the eighties porn videos weren't as easy to come by as they are now. You couldn't just hop on t'internet to get them. OK so allegedly some video rental shops and the like had a supply under the counter, but the average teenage lad never had the nerve to ask. So the result was that our local video shop did a roaring trade in aerobics videos. Every actress, pop starlet or sports star bringing out a new excercise video would bring teenage lads out in droves to rent the video, usually with the excuse "Errm, it's for me mam."

    Of course this had a very useful function for the shop's owner. The spotty oiks regularly renting such video were identified as customers for his undercounter supply of illicit VHS smut. He did a roaring trade which was somewhat undermined by the trade in bootleg copies. Until that is one lad's parents discovered the videos and he got shut down and the shop turned into a curry house.

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @rodster - The response has been huge

    I'm sure it has been for some of us.

    She knows who we are.

  34. Mikey 1

    Miss Palmer

    Does she have 5 sisters?

  35. RW

    "Porn flakes"

    Just to make sure the record is accurate: The American cartoonist B. Kliban used that phrase as the caption for one of his cartoons back in the 1980s.

  36. Anonymous Coward

    @ John Hawkins

    Funnily enough ... mention The Ashes 2009 and the Aussies end up using POETS day as an excuse to have a good cry into their pint

  37. John Hawkins

    @Anonymous Coward

    Don't you insinuate that I'm an aussie - you you you frog!!!

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Slap, Crackle and BANG!

    Well I suppose that it gives the youth of today another take on the age old chat up line in life... 'How would you like your eggs in the morning?'

    Will now become "Would you like whole milk or cream with you porn and cereal in the morning?"

    Paris because she likes the little plastic toys that come with the cereals...

    PS Does this mean we will be seeing butt plugs and vibes free with the cereals now? Gees I am am going on the Special K diet!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. TJ 3

    "...In Other News

    ...Grocery store shelves are looking a little "Bare" this friday as reports of porn being distributed inside boxes of selective marked cereal fly off the shelves. "

    Nestle did this for their quarterly bottom line surely. (Best marketing program EVER)

    "You found WHAT in our cereal?! Quick, go tell your neighbors and make sure they don't buy any..

    *Nieghbors husband "..I'll go tell Frank and Jim!" *gets in car, peals out*

    Timmy at the Store "...Man, The men have been gobbling (giggles) up the Nestle Fitness today!"

    I think I'm done.

  40. ElReg!comments!Pierre

    Easy to explain shirley

    I think you'll find that the CD did not contain pr0n itself, but merely punted a link to a pr0n website... easy explanation there: in a short-sighted move, some monkey at Nestlé adds a couple links under the "related material" section of the CD (or whatever). Very stupidly, he includes a link pointing to (or something) which features some gym-related material but is not under his control. 2 weeks later, registration of expires and the domain is bought by a hardcore porn business.

    That's all folks. Happens all the time, really. The interwebs are versatile thinggies..

  41. Martin Maloney

    I'm SO ashamed

    "Despite suffering the effects of exposure to unfamiliar sexual practices, Palmer checked the CD in two more computers, just to make sure."

    ...thus becoming a Porn-Again Christian!


  42. Anonymous Coward


    OK, the cerial is from Nestle. Got it.


    Fail, because I call "poor reporting" on El Reg's part.

  43. Tom 38 Silver badge

    Re: WTF?

    AC, I know the mention of PORN got you all excited and nervous, but try reading the first paragraph again. No, really, do try..

    Where's the EPIC FAIL icon?

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