back to article Notorious hacker Analyzer pleads guilty on credit card scam

Notorious recidivist hacker Ehud Tenenbaum has pleaded guilty to credit card fraud as part of a plea bargaining agreement with US authorities in a multi-million dollar fraud case. Tenenbaum, known as The Analyzer, pleaded guilty to a single count of fraud over his involvement in a sophisticated computer hacking scam reckoned …


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  1. Alex 32

    Something I don't honestly get..

    If he was convicted in Israel.. how did he get a visa..??

    Seriously, not a jape, I'm sure you can't enter the country if you are a convicted felon... right?

  2. matt 49

    re: something...

    I know thats the case for the US, but he was arrested in Canada then extradited to the US

  3. Stevie


    Canada. The toughest airport luggage search protocols and the most porous borders this side of a third world country, eh?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    If he ran the prison computer lab....

    ...could he hack himself free?

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