back to article Three-way fight for Real's iPhone-Rhapsody application

Apple has another embarrassment brewing, as its secretive App Store guardians ponder whether to allow an app from RealNetworks onto the Store's virtual shelves. As we reported earlier today, RealNetworks has submitted an iPhone/iPod touch application to Apple that will allow users of those devices to access Rhapsody's eight- …


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  1. K
    Thumb Up


    Hopefully Apple won't play sour puss and will allow this, with this making way for a spotify application.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I for one...

    welcome the giggling RealNetworks for putting this pressure on Apple. Maybe they will sort out their guidelines in future.

    And does anyone really believe they did not not (double negative intended) allow the the Google Voice app because of UI?

  3. Keystroke

    i don't get this whole "controversy" thing

    Personally, I believe Real is awfully stupid for this move. It's one thing to release a competing application for the iPhone, it's another to "Dare" someone to shoot it down.

    I'm surrounded by techies and neophytes alike and not a single one of them use, or have even heard of, Rhapsody (well a few, who associate it with the crapware that comes on new PCs). So what if Apple rejects Rhapsody? HOW many iPhones are there out in the market? And how many Rhapsody users are there? And how many iPhone users who use Rhapsody are there?

    Oh wait. iPhone.. doesn't that need iTunes?

    Come on Real, get Real.Hurry up and die already.

  4. Ian Ferguson

    PR hit at rejecting it?

    Hell would freeze over before I let a Real application on my iPhone.

  5. Stuart Duel

    What a nerve!

    ".. you can almost hear the arguments emanating from Apple('s) galactic nerve center at One Infinite Loop..."

    That's "Apple's inter-galactic, pan-dimensional nerve centre", thank you very much.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Bravo Real

    Good coup. Taking a leaf out of big G's book, with a different angle.

  7. Dave 142


    they'll probably reject it, but not because of it's features, but because it's made by Real so it'll crash your iPhone and make it unusable.

  8. Anonymous Coward


    I had never heard of Rhapsody until today and since no-one I asked had heard of Rhapsody either, the iPhone isn't missing much!

  9. Dave 145

    Just like.....

    I think this is a great move from real. Google have had there app essentially rejected and if they reject the Real one as well maybe people will see that apple blows. Its either their way or the highway. Now where i have i seen this before.... oh thats right.... its the same way the chinese run there country. You have use what they want and only what they want.

  10. Craig 12


    This could be big news. While you trendy lot want this to be a precursor the release of a Spotify app, I want a Napster steaming app! (You never realised how locked down an iphone is 'til you buy one...)

  11. unitron

    Wishing all my enemies a 'distinctive user experience'...

    ' the Google interface "appears to alter the iPhone's distinctive user experience." '

    It keeps it from catching fire or exploding?

    None, because it won't let me use both the flame and the hand grenade icons.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Support Call

    The conversation will go something like this:

    Apple: Thank you for calling apple support this is Brian. How may I help you?

    Iphonian:Hi Brian,thank you for taking my call. I seem to be having a problem with my music player.

    Apple:Well, I can definitely help you with that issue sir.Do you have the ipod application open?

    Iphonian: No the Ipod works fine. I'm calling about the real player application that you guys just approved.

    Apple:ahhh Yes Sir.

    Iphonian:I just downloaded the APP and its awesome!

    Apple: Then I don't understand the problem sir. You say the Ipod works OK?

    Iphonian: Yes.It works fine.The problem is with the Real Player...It doesn't work.

    Apple: You can use the Ipod to play any music on your Iphone sir.

    Iphonian: But you approved it! You have fix it!

    Apple:Yes sir we did approve it because everybody would be mad at us if we didn't.You recall the Google thing right? Apparently we're no longer able to decide what the best user experience is for you.

    Iphonian:But if it doesn't work then everybody else will be mad at you too.

    Apple:Yes sir.We have already factored in both the negative and positive feelings of of our loyal fans to our economic model for next year.The income we receive from AT&T for the MMS and tethering charges will more than offset any losses we may incur over hurt feelings.

    Iphonian:But I'm angry...My Real Player app doesn't work!

    Apple:Yes sir.We were aware of your anger before you called.You'll have to contact the Real Player people for help with their application.

    Iphonia:They said to call you...It's an awesome app!

    Apple I'm sure the people at Real Player will be pleased to hear that....You Have A Nice Day Sir.

  13. DZ-Jay


    >> ".. you can almost hear the arguments emanating from Apple('s) galactic nerve center at One Infinite Loop..."

    This is pure conjecture. My take is that Apple has no reason to reject the RealNetworks app, and will accept it without a problem--without controversy, or argument, or reservation.

    If you put your bias asside for a few minutes, you'll realize that there are some valid arguments to Apple's complaint regarding Google's Voice app. The bit about altering "the iPhone's distinctive user experience" had nothing to do with the GUI of Google's app not conforming to Apple's standards as you suggest. It had to do with the fact that the iPhone is, primarily, a phone, and one of its strengths is its integration between the phone functionality, the voice mail, calendar, and address book apps, and the all-encompassing experience to the user provided by this close integration. The Google Voice app bypasses all this integration by offering its own address book and voice mail applications, so a user who installs it will certainly not get the full integrated iPhone experience--at least while using Google Voice. Of course, there are other issues at stake and other claims made by Apple of variable merit.

    The Rhapsody music store may compete with the iTunes store, but it has been out there for a while, and people still use the iTunes Music Store. I see little reason why Apple would be afraid of it on the iPhone.

    But of course, this is a completely futile argument because your self-fullfilling prophecy has no down-side: If Apple rejects the app you'll gloat with a big "I told you so"; if Apple approves it, then you'll claim it was probably because they wanted to avoid a PR nightmare, even though there's no evidence for this. Either way you'll claim you were "right"; how very convenient.


  14. Dean Burrows

    It's almost embarrasing...

    ... I mean, what douche-bag at Real thought for an instant that this is a good thing?

    I agree with Messers Keystroke and Ferguson... Real needs to turn over and die already.

    Spam and Ad-laden on a PC, can you imgine that heap of trash on an iPhone or iPod Touch?

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy laughing at the jesus-phone brigade as much as the next, but regarding Real and Rhapsody?

    Apple, take the so-called PR hit, noone will hate you for it.

  15. Stu


    I think before Real can criticise Apple for their tactics, they should take a long hard look at their own!


    I'm surprised even that Real are still operating, given their scamware laden 'software' is somewhat bettered by that RealAlternative thing. And RealAlternative is nowt but a stop gap until .RAM, .RM, .REALSHIT formats die the death they so deservedly dealt themselves. DDDDD.

    Thanks RealNetworks, just die already please!


    Actually I suppose Apple should release this crap on their store, then they can watch as RealNetworks die out, squirming around in pain before their very eyes. The c**ts.


    Can I ask who in this comments forum doesnt hate RealNetworks? The vast minority I'd wager.

  16. Paul Hates Handles

    I hate 'em...

    ...they forced the band Rhapsody to change their name, despite them using it first. And the software is shite.

  17. Gordon 10 Silver badge

    Reject it as its a bag o'shite

    Given Real's history no-one will be able to argue that one.

  18. hpwb

    Get real

    The vast majority of iPhone users do not know about any "problems" with app store rejections, nor do they care. Despite what tech sites imply there doesn't seem to be any negative effect on Apple's sales because of the whole app store fracas.

    As an anoymous coward posted before I would also hazard a guess that the vast majority of iPhone users haven't got a clue about what Rhapsody is and if they do find out most of them will wonder why they would want it as the ipod application is already fully functional for playing the music they already bought and paid for.

    Any speculation on whether Apple will approve this app are just that, speculation, and do not really merit a seperate article at all.

  19. h 6


    I *bought* my iPhone. I dind't *invent* it. (to paraphrase)

    So shut up to me about all your gripes with how it works. If you don't like fine use something else.

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