back to article Nokia 'actively looking' at own netbook

Nokia could follow service providers into netbook territory, by offering a machine of its own. President and chief executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo is reported to have said in India: "We at Nokia is [sic] actively looking at this converged market... We are looking at the netbook market to see what kind of opportunity is there …


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  1. Lance 3


    I doubt it will be Symbian based, more likely Maemo. They already have the tablets running Maemo, so chances are a netbook will as well.

  2. Bill Cumming

    Moving off the S60 series..

    Nokia have came out to say they are looking to move their newer mobiles away from symbian to the Gnu/Linux Debian based OS that is Maemo....

    Can't wait to take a look at the N900 ^_^

  3. dns


    well with the n900 going through the fcc process it looks as being the device you are talking about.

    It looks at their strategy will be both simbian and maemo though it could also be android.

    what is a "netbook" if you are talking small computer they already have Internet tablets with the only real difference bing the cpu that they use.

  4. Dave Cozens

    Nokia need to get on top of build quality first

    Recent problems with lens covers and gps hardware with (for example) the N97 are even less likely to be tolerated in the netbook market.

    Do a search for "N97 lens" or "N97 GPS" and you'll see what I mean...

  5. Nick Kew

    Yes please!

    The Nokia N810 already looks a lot more attractive than most netbooks (the Eee-clone family), with a screen that's just fractionally smaller, but one third of the weight, and hugely more portable. If they just repackage that too look more like what the punters expect of a netbook (i.e. a lot more clunky), they're already there.

    I hope they'll stick with the ARM processor and solid-state storage, and thus dispense with the need for a big heavy battery or cooling. Add an e-ink screen (which seems, alas, further away) and you have a dream machine!

    As for OS, why stop at maemo if going up the scale? Ubuntu would make a great consumer-oriented device.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "customized software experience"

    You mean all that Windows only crap that Nokia bundle with their 'phones is by design? I always thought that they'd knocked it out with some shitty software template wizard thingy.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Not kick-ass software though

    Nokia may be "kick-ass hardware" but my recent journey to Nokia products (E71 and N97) leave me hugely unimpressed with Symbian after really looking forward to all the hype.

    It looks like software written for retards by retards, sorry to say, no offence to retards intended. Not only that, but so many software bugs on the E71 implementation, really not fit for purpose. It left me yearning, amazingly, for Windows Mobile that I just came off!

    If this new netbook runs on Symbian then I guess the retards will be happy with their software design and will foresake unstable crashing systems. I really can't believe that the mother of all blue screens is immeasureably more superior than the hyped, fabled Nokia!

    As for the Mactards and iTard crowd, well maybe they will be swayed by the tardish nuances of Symbian and jump ship to this netbook away from the overpriced iToys.

    So where are my wandering thoughts taking me this hazy sunday morning? I guess I am looking forward to experiencing -

    1. my new old HTC Tytn 2 phone with WM 6.1 and touch-flo (a bit tardish, but not too much!) that should arrive in the net few days

    2. trying WM 6.5 and 7.0 in the next 12 months.

    3. netbooks running slimmed version of Win 7.0

    4. still p!ssing around with (k)Ubuntu 9.04 trying to get it to run some win apps via wine. Other than that, 9.04 is a fantastic OS and Nokia should go for that on their netbook, but they won't for sure, great pity and missed opportunity for them to stop farting around with Symbian any longer.

  8. Goat Jam
    Thumb Up

    In Two Minds

    On the one hand I look at this as another way for Nokia to perpetrate an Epic Fail of nGage proportions.

    On the other hand, I see it as an opportunity for a well known gadget manufacturer to get in on the netbook market without being bound and gagged by OEM agreements from a well known software company from Redmond WA

    I hope they do it and do a good job. It will have to be Open Source based if they hope for any traction though. That will probably be the difference between a win or fail.

  9. Steve Button Silver badge

    @Bill Cumming RE: Moving off the S60 series

    "Nokia have came out to say they are looking to move their newer mobiles away from symbian to the Gnu/Linux Debian based OS that is Maemo...."

    Actually, no they didn't. That was just a rumour.

    This is all just speculation, and it could well be Maemo on a tablet or a netbook... but it doesn't make sense for S60 devices.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    @dns re. the N900

    If what I've read about the N900 turns out to be true, I fear we may both be disappointed.

    I was hoping for, in effect, an N810 with 3G and a 5MP Carl Zeiss camera (which I think is the kind of device you have in mind), whereas the latest rumours (see for one account) seem to point to the N900 being rather smaller and more phone-like - more akin to an N97 running Maemo.

    If that's how the N900 turns out, I think I'll seek out a decent price on an Eee 701 (which I was stunned to find is still on sale in Toys R Us - good for them). Will keep an eye on this story, though.

  11. spegru

    New , surely?

    As an avid N810 user I'd be very happy to see Maemo on a larger and more powerful device.

    A proper keyboard and ability to run office (OpenOffice) software has to be part of the definition surely, so it's not likely to be Symbian. N900 look likely to be pretty similar form factor to N810, so a nokia netbook unliklely to be that.

    Yup, something like an oversized N810/N900 would be nice. No too big mind, or it'll get trampled by all the other netbooks.

    Ohj I dont about something the size of an EeePC 701, but with more power and more style........costing around 200 quid.


  12. Anna Logg

    @ Nick Kew

    >> "The Nokia N810 already looks a lot more attractive than most netbooks (the Eee-clone

    family), with a screen that's just fractionally smaller, but one third of the weight, and hugely more portable."

    mmm .. a typcial netbook has an 8.9" screen , the N810 is 4.13" - that's hardly 'fractionally smaller' unless you work in marketing. Agree with your other points though.

  13. Losheda

    Android on the Tytn II

    Don't put wm on that tytn 2, WM sucks, its far too slow, the only OS that you need to put on there is android ;)

  14. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

    Imminent fanboy dispair

    From reports circulating on Monday, 24th August, it seems the Nokia Booklet 3G will be running Windows.

    Yippee ! Mines the one with Win 98 boot disks in the pocket.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Not again!!!!

    We (Psion, Symbian, Nokia whatever!) had the netbook, then the secret arm debian netbook ( any one want to buy the one I have left?) that never got released and the windows CE netbook pro ( that did get shiped).

    Before that was the MX5.

    Noka would just end up wasting money in a market they cant compete in they started to do netbooks. ( go ask the Eee people and see how they got on). People just do not want to buy these things when they can get a HTC with the latest windows mess on it ( they all way toss it after a year when they find out it aint a phone)

    PS. Yes the E71 is ergonomically rubbish compared to the E61 (was usable). Regretting upgrading

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ AC 12:45

    I'd be interested in the secret ARM Debian netbook. Why was it never released?

    By the way, apparently we're supposed to call an ARM-powered mini-laptop a "smartbook". The only such thing I've seen in retail uses a rather old and low-specification CPU, but they say that better models are in the pipeline. Might Nokia be making one, in addition to the boring x86 Windows machine in today's reports?

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