back to article Samsung's second Android spied online

Images of Samsung’s second Android-based smartphone have cropped up online. InstinctQ_01 Samsung's second Android phone: InstinctQ While the Galaxy i7500 sports a smart and streamlined body, the firm’s second Android device – InstinctQ – is a slider with physical Qwerty thumbpad – which may explain the use of the letter ‘Q …


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  1. Patrick 14
    Jobs Horns


    Yes I own one ( iPhone 3g that is )

    I had to go without my iphone for 3 weeks while it was in for repair due to os 3.0 going funny.

    but i treied to use a wm smartphone and god it was hard.

    also yes everyone bags on about the iphone and fanboys etc etc but the shit works the itunes app store etc etc it all works.

    The only thing letting it down is the shitty GPS signal..

    The features on the iPhone may still be behind most other brands but as a package it works and yes it really does work...


    Mr Job's as he maybe the Devil. but he knows his shit....

  2. spencer

    Just can't help yourself

    Patrick 14 posts about his iphone even though the story has nothing to whatsoever with Apple or that blasted phone of theirs. Incredible.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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