back to article Fisker e-sportster debuts on infamous Laguna Seca circuit

The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid has made its public driving debut at the annual Rolex Monterey Historic Automobile Races - barely a year and a half after first being unveiled as a concept. With Fisker chairman Bernhard Koehler behind the wheel, the Karma completed a single lap of the infamous Laguna Seca race circuit in …


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  1. Rob Haswell

    Granny driving

    I've had faster shits than that

  2. Dan Howarth
    Thumb Up

    Still sounds like...

    ... a milk float. :)

  3. Elron


    <Quote>to let us all see Koehler enter the fearsome Turn 8 corkscrew in manner that can only be described as sedate.</Quote>

    You know, you drive almost slow enough to drive Miss Daisy...

  4. Shakje

    The title..

    Thought it was about the e-sports player Fisker starting out a racing career

  5. Annihilator


    Around 26 seconds in, cut to the driver, looking like he's out for a Sunday drive.

    I'm amazed it had to even slow down for the corkscrew at those speeds.

    Mind you, in true GT4 fashion, you should just gun it and hope there's no spin. Gawd bless no damage.

  6. Alex King
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    What a hybrid should be

    A decent range on electric only for your workaday commutes, and the trousers to do a proper job on longer runs when required. Makes the new-gen Prius look a bit rubbish by comparison, considering Toyota's muscle. Now all they have to do is sell it for half the price and I'd seriously consider it.

  7. Craig McAllister

    sounds like a blowoff valve.. turbo?

    ... but it's electric. And they need to sort out that transmission-whine noise, it's horrific.


  8. karakalWitchOfTheWest
    Paris Hilton

    Just one problem... sounds like a Viennese underground tram...

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I misread the name as Korma

    and I've had one of those go through me quicker than the Karma goes round that track :)

    nice try though

  10. TeeCee Gold badge


    "....the car will hit 125mph at full chat and get to 60 in under six seconds....."

    So either the guy driving is the world's biggest girl's blouse or, in a typical bit of Yank car design, they've completely forgotten to build in the capability to go round corners.

  11. Laurent_Z

    A new name for the sporster !

    Frisker "Sedate" ?

    Looks as fun t drive as a first price Logan...

    Anyone has an idea of what the competition looks like @ 84K$ ?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Probably neither. The guy was likely told to take no chances given the value of the vehicle, and putting even an incredibly exciting street car on a race track is a recipe for boring. Even a pretty fast Porsche is dull on a quick track - which Laguna definitely is.

    Hair-raising on the street is doze-inducing on a race track which is quite a bit wider than your usual 2-lane road.

    Regardless, that was a truly awful marketing move - they've taken what might actually be a pretty fun car to drive on the street, and made it look like it's abjectly awful - and chosen a shot of the driver that drives the point home! Smooth...

  13. Anonymous Coward


    Reality check: My 8 yr old Maxima will still do 140 mph, 0-60 in under 7 sec, and seats 4 comfortably with only 225 HP, gets an honest 28 mpg highway (if I behave myself), has one of the cleanest exhausts around (CA spec), has at least another 50K miles in it and all that with a current blue-book value less than $10K. Wake me when they start selling something other than hype and an "excellent experience". If I want the latter, I'm only a 5 hr drive from Las Vegas (and 2 hrs from Hollywood) where I can find much better hype and experiences for the $75K "value" difference. And, keeping mine is much greener and kinder on the planet (considering full life-cycle cost) than scraping it and buying that, electric plug-in notwithstanding.

    Ok, OK, it's a better babe-magnet, but that's about it. On second thought... :-)

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