back to article Aussie Sex Party bursts upon political stage

It's official: the Australian Sex Party (ASP) is now a bona fide political party, entitled to appear on the ballot paper, raise funds and even - if they gain more than four percent of the primary vote - eligible for public funding. This follows a long drawn-out tussle with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), after …


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  1. Mike 119


    What the hell are "orgiastic notions"?

  2. dunncha

    A party I can get behind?

    I'll get my dirty mac

  3. Paul 25

    "orgiastic notions"

    @Mike 119

    I don't know what they are, but it would be fun to find out

  4. dave 151


    no idea, but where do I sign up.

  5. Mark Lockwood


    You don't want them, you'll go blind....

  6. Graham Bartlett

    I can see the ads now

    "The Australian Sex Party. Not only do we guarantee to screw you, but you'll enjoy it too!"

    Kind of like being a Republican under GWB, I guess. (Well, not "under" in that sense. OK, maybe you were once, but I don't need to know details. Please.)

  7. Adrian Challinor
    Paris Hilton

    @Mike 119

    Mike, If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't be reading this.

    Paris, because, well, you need to ask that too?

  8. John G Imrie

    Re orgiastic notions

    Are they anything like Ugandan discussions?

  9. Shadowfirebird

    re: "orgiastic notions"

    The cause of this is that fact that the word "party" can have two meanings: a political group, campaigning for representative rights in parliament; or a gathering for social purposes, often involving music and/or alchohol.

    "Sex party", you see. It's a pune, or a play on words.

    This is the sort of humour that has politicians rolling around in the isles. Or, indeed, the aisles.

  10. PerfectBlue

    Where's the US branch?

    They sound like the Anti-Republicans. Pro gay marriage, pro sex ed, and pro contraception. I can just see the Republican's now looking for their garlic and holy water and for ways to blame teenage pregnancies on dirty influence from Australia.

  11. lukewarmdog

    Congrats ASP

    Your time has come.

  12. Petey

    This is one sadistic party...

    Who's going to be their Chief Whip?

  13. Steve Foster

    @Mark Lockwood

    Erm, I think you'll find that's "onanistic notions" instead (allegedly).

  14. Anonymous Coward

    They Won't Change Anything

    I figure that all they'll do is split the Green vote, with the total number of Senators opposed to internet restrictions (and other puritan proposals) remaining unchanged.

    As for the lower house, forget it - they won't win a single seat.

    Still, it's a nice idea, and I'll drink to that.

  15. Hermes (nine inch) Conran

    Hur, hur

    deeply rooted!!

    <Insert bevis and butthead impression here>

  16. John Angelico

    An ASP is what killed Cleopatra

    Could this be Australia's answer to the late Screaming Lord Sutch?

  17. Graham Marsden

    I want...

    ... to work in their Whip's Office!!!

    (Mine's the one with the catalogue of affordable leather products in the pocket...)

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    orgiastic notions ...

    orgiastic notion - I think I had one of those once when I was a teenager on the back of a bus, I think it was something to do with the vibrations.......

  19. Dazed and Confused

    UK Branch

    Given the local Euro elections results, if they started a UK branch they could probably get more votes than the Government lot did.

  20. Tony Paulazzo
    Black Helicopters


    no public sex ed for the kids. How will they learn about sexting? The Australian government are making the English government look fucking progressive, not repressive - national firewall, three strikes and out policy, no mention of real world drugs in computer games (no 18 cert for games at all). God speed to ASP, get the word out. It's time for the proles to rise up...

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @John Angelico

    I was waiting for the 'deadly snake' angle. Thank you.

  22. Sureo
    Thumb Up

    The Sex Party

    At least you know what they stand for.

  23. Andrew Norton

    mirrors Europe?

    "In this sense, they mirror recent developments in Europe, where Pirate Parties have been established out of a sense that government is only listening to one voice when it comes to internet issues."

    1) There is an Aussie Pirate PArty too, although it's not as far along as the ASP is.

    2) there's THREE main issues that the Pirate Party covers. Yes the copyright part of the copyright/patent reform is mentioned as above, but there is also two other areas, Government transparency and accountability, and an increase in personal privacy (which does NOT trump the transparancy, if you're a candidate, expect to be transparent, because such a job is your choice, and it's part of the 'requirement' of the job, that you're accountable to the electorate.

    However, I will give you partial credit, in that all 8 currently registered Pirate Parties are in Europe (although Canada will be soon)

    Andrew Norton

    Former Head, Pirate Party International

  24. Anonymous Coward

    orgiastic notions

    Thank you moderatrix. may I have another?

  25. eros

    we're serious about sex

    re anonymous coward- it is interesting that most of the political corro I have had is from disenchanted labor and Lib party members . I think that we will more likely attract a lot of people who are just disengaged with politics rather than Greens voters.

    Our campaigning to date as been through the adult industry whose customers represent 30% of the electorate. While some of them will be Greens votes they are a very broad cross section of the population.

    We need to get about 10% of the vote in one state to win a seat in the upper house. I think that Australians are getting tired of the creeping social conservatism in politics and the close links our current government and opposition has with groups like the Christian Lobby. We are also seeing very socially conservative parties gaining footholds in parliaments around the country and I believe that the Sex Party can be an antidote to them.

  26. Justin 15
    Thumb Up

    Worthy cause

    So i have donated to them, when does the party start?

  27. Big-nosed Pengie
    Thumb Up

    @Graham Bartlett

    "The Australian Sex Party. Not only do we guarantee to screw you, but you'll enjoy it too!"

    No, their motto is "You come first!"

    It's tempting to treat them like a joke, but they'll be getting my vote.

  28. The other Ross
    Thumb Up

    They've made it hard

    to decide who I'll vote for in the Senate. Greens, ASP, or (if they get their act together in time) the Pirate Party? I certainly hope these three can work out a preferences-sharing deal to increase the chances of any one of them putting members into the upper house. All the same, I'm an Australian who can be proud of some of my countrymen at least.

  29. Dr Patrick J R Harkin

    "Sex is deeply rooted in the lives of all Australians"

    From the very beginning, I'd say.

  30. Loki 1


    "Our campaigning to date as been through the adult industry whose customers represent 30% of the electorate. While some of them will be Greens votes they are a very broad cross section of the population."

    30% of the electorate work in the adult industry!?!? Jesus - i have to get myself to Australia.

  31. Anonymous Coward

    i cant wait to see their brochures

    "We want you to join the Aussie Sex Party"

    "Come see an Aussie Sex Party function"

    "the Aussie Sex Party is Coming to your town hall"

    They just get better and better, but what about their opponents...they won't miss out on any of the verbal fun.

    "Very Disturbing.... the Aussie Sex Party"

    "The Aussie Sex Party....we all need protection, don't we"

    And what about the news headlines?

    "300 join Aussie Sex Party - pictures at 7pm"

    "How to find the Aussie Sex Party - HQ address below"

    "15 kicked out of Aussie Sex Party - quote 'We weren't active enough'"

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