back to article BMW's X6 turns eco

BMW’s X6 is about to be re-born as an environmentally considerate hybrid. X6_ActiveHybrid_01 BMW's X6 ActiveHybrid: slightly more eco-friendly than the X6 Set for official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, the X6 ActiveHybrid retains the original model’s 400bhp, twin-turbocharged 4.4l V8 engine – yet gains …


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  1. Yorkshirepudding

    different engine same shit

    it'll still be driven by cocks who think they own the road though

  2. Steven Jones

    Losing weight by trimming your toenails...

    Just another nice way for BMW to profit a bit more by allowing drivers of these beasts to sooth their conscience with an environmental fig leaf.

  3. David Lawrence

    Woo it'll save our planet!!

    Yay that's going to save the polar bears in no time at all. Only BMW can convert an over-priced gas-guzzling enormous oversized child-killer into a slightly-greener overpriced gas-guzzling enormous oversized child killer.

    Such monsters have no place on our planet. Ban them immediately.

  4. TeeCee Gold badge

    There's truth in the old adage then.

    You can't polish a turd.

    A top tip for BMW. When making the X6, leave off the BMW badges and fit Ssangyong ones instead. That way we won't be so surprised that it's such a sinfully fugly POS.

    A coupe 4x4? I need to know what the guy who thought that one up was smoking as I really don't want any of it. Ever.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Shame it's so piggin' ugly though.

    With all that extra 'leccy will the indicators work on it?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Oh, please ...

    Aren't we meant to be a cynical, intelligent lot?

    The emissions will drop bugger all. The 299g -> 231g or whatever just means they stuffed just enough hybrid in it to drop a few tax bands on a standard test run ... very easy on a powerful car like this as it'll never get over 10% throttle. In the real world everyone will still drive it with the throttle buried in the carpet and crap spewing out the back.

    It's like the nonsense of the plug-in hybrids in the US being given ratings in many hundreds of mpg.

  7. spegru

    X6: anyone actually seen one?

    It's a weird looking thing

    Like a sports coupe.............On stilts................wearing wellies!

  8. Anonymous Coward


    22mpg? Methinks they missed the point of this whole 'eco' drive.

  9. Cameron Colley

    This is saving the planet how?

    They've user resources to build the thing than the original, and made very little difference to the MPG and it's supposed to be "green" because, in ideal conditions" it "creates less Carbon"? What a perfect example of the shit produced by the Carbon politics bollocks.

    I bet they could get the same MPG saving by fitting thinner tyres, loosing a little weight by using Carbon Fibre or Aluminium in some places, and possibly a couple of aerodynamic changes.

    @David Lawrence:

    Yeah, and ban smoking, drinking, television, foreign travel, home computers, meat eating and having more than one child per family.

  10. 2FishInATank

    Ugly, ugly, ugly.

    There's a bloke near me who owns an X6, he drives like an utter cock. I'm reeling with shock about that. </sarcasm>

    To me, the original incarnation of the vehicle looked rather like a coupé that their Uncle Cletus had jacked up with monster truck-style wheels.....'fugly' was the word which sprang to mind....

    Oh, and @Steven Jones "allowing drivers of these beasts to sooth(e) their conscience with an environmental fig leaf" - don't worry, it'll be a very small fig leaf.....

    <-- That'll be me rifling through the owner's pockets to relieve them of their keys and nudge them drain-wards......

  11. Chris Miller
    Thumb Down

    The main purpose

    is to avoid the London congestion charge - same as driving a Lexus 4x4 hybrid (yes, I am looking at you Mr Cameron). As the venerable JC of TG observed: "if this is a hybrid, I'm going to strap a U2 battery to the engine of my Range Rover and avoid the congestion charge too".

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Ban it. Ban it now.

    With Dave Lawrence on this one - what a fugging monstrosity. Shame on all those who buy it thinking it's "green". It's not. Not even remotely.

    BMW should just have brought out a "lightweight" version (something weighing less than a small moon, maybe), and stuck a start-stop "clean" version of the old 3.5(?) v8 in it.

    Grenade, because each X6 should leave the factory, with one unpinned in the glove box.

  13. Matthew 25


    Was going to comment on how ugly it is. Seems I was beaten to it. Wouldn't want a beemer anyway - they're so common.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Here's a thought: If really you want to save the planet, a twin turbocharged 4.4l engine to ferry around Tarquin and Jacaster isn't the best way to do it, hybrid or not.

  15. Andy 97

    Behold, the Chelsea tractor for today's trustifarian

    As mentioned before, driven by cocks with no real benefit to anyone except them.

    BMW are hitting high on the genius meter, but why did they make it so ugly?

    I suppose the dealerships are experiencing brisk business from all the Tabitha's and Hugo's who've suddenly gained a conscience.

    "We'd better nuke the country from orbit, it's the only way to be sure"

  16. Andrew Bush


    No, I doubt the indicators will work and it'll be fitted with the same BMW windscreen glass that makes objects in front of you look further away than they really are.

    "Drive BMW - Every journey is a race" ™

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    I love the X6

    I love the X6. Driving an X6 is just like sticking 2 fingers up at every passing tree lover. It's just so wonderfully over the top and in your face, and totally impractical to boot. Kind of like a Hummer, without the redneck label. You have to admire it's drivers for their clear I don't give a cr*p what you think message... and then BMW go and bring this out and spoil it all :c(

    The sad thing is, as these sort of cars disappear off the road or become hybrids... it means that our freedom of choice is slowly being eroded. I might not appreciate the car that someone else drives or understand their reasons for purchasing it, but seeing something ludicrous like the X6 reminds me that we still live in a free country... for now...

    I don't want a hybrid Ferrari/Aston. I want a 600bhp screaming V12, not a battery powered lump.

  18. Richard 102

    Go away, green weenie

    "Such monsters have no place on our planet. Ban them immediately."

    Due to the manufacturing process, a Prius does more environmental damage, start to finish, than a Land Rover Discovery.

    If we want to get rid of monsters, the eco-mentalists are first on the list. They are merely watermelons: green on the surface, red to the core.

    Mine's the one with Hayek's "Road to Serfdom" in the pocket.

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Crazy concept

    The X6 is a crazy concept and I'm amazed that BMW made it. A massive SUV that only seats 4?

    I think it has an amazing presence and looks ok from certain angles but in these tree-hugging times it doesn't really belong.

    This is just a stunt to allow drivers to drop a tax band or two. I think it was Jeremy Clarkson who joked about putting a 9V battery into a Hummer to avoid the London congestion charge.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    'Urban' 4x4s

    To quote Sir Clarkson on the Porsche 4x4:

    'Looks like Kate Moss from the front and John Prescott from the back'.

    Why people who live and drive in congested areas feel the need to own monstrous vehicles is beyond me. The nearest thing to off-road these pointless cars will ever get is a deep puddle or mounting an un-dropped kerb.

  21. David Haworth

    I like it

    I know it's not a popular opinion, and I'm not saying it's got it's own special niche or is even pretty, but personally I like it. it looks (to me) like it could do the paris dakar rally. I know it couldn't, but it makes me think it could.

    I also have no problems with a hybrid one, and I could see why people in London would want one, as it would allow them to buy a nice powerful 4.4l v8 SUV and still be exempt from the congestion charge.

    I don't see it as a planet killer and I have no problem with people buying and driving such cars as these. it's not as if they aren't paying for it in tax and fuel. Why should we be able to determine what cars other people can drive, if they want and can pay for it.

    just because you don't like it is not a good enough reason and I think that the amount of damage done to the environment by cars is very small compared to that done by industry, plans and shipping, never mind cows!

    good for BMW, it may not be popular, but I'm sure they'll sell enough to have made it worthwhile, and if it means that they get more experience in making powerful hybrid cars then so much the better for the rest of us.


  22. Frank Bough

    Not Even...

    ...pretty on the inside. Cars like this are rapidly destroying the reputation for quality cars BMW has spent decades building. What a shame.

  23. Anonymous Coward


    Ugliest. Car. Ever.

  24. Anonymous Coward


    ...there must be some SERIOUS amount of Bribes...sorry...incentives to produce shit like this.

    Oh well the 1.6 mile on battery power is proberbly enough to get the kids to school and back.

  25. Ventilator

    Aim, fire...bugger, missed!!

    And BMW miss the point again. Stupendously ugly car, stupendously stupid concept. A Hybrid X6? FFS!!

    The steering will still be off and it'll automatically head for Lane 3 on the motorway, and in order for the 1.6 miles to be achieved the indicators (which frequently don't work on BeeEms anyway) will be totally disabled.

  26. Witty username

    Wont sombody

    THINK OF THE CHILDREN/PLANET? (delete as applicable). Cars are not the sole reason for "global warming", everyone seems to overlook things such as waging war etc, because its eaiser to blame cars then tax the fuck out of drivers.

    However ill agree on one thing. that pos is UGLY. I wish BMW would stop making ANYTHING SUV related and go back to making decent cars again.

  27. Karim Bourouba
    Paris Hilton

    nice idea

    But I have a feeling it will be poorly implemented.

    Plus, the car looks odd. Why not make it look like a proper BMW? Would it scare the Americans away by looking too much like a real car?

  28. Richard 102


    "Ugliest. Car. Ever."

    Really? What about the Austin Allegro? AMC Pacer? Pontiac Aztek? Fiat Multipla? VW Thing? Gurgel Xef? Anything by Crosley? And this isn't even getting into the old Communist block, where design was done by someone with only an axe. Unless you count that leather-bodied car that stunned even Jeremy Clarkson.

    Look, BMW's design has been going from bad to worse, but seriously, worst of all time?

  29. DRendar

    Doubt it will sell.

    As the only people who drive X6's (and to a lesser extent - All BMW drivers) couldn't give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

    As evidenced by them taking up 2-6 parking spaces at the supermarket, (Or parking in disabled places) doing 60+ in 30 Zones, being allergic to the left hand lane, and stopping wherever the hell they want. - Usually in the middle of the road outside schools, on "no stopping" zig-zag lines while the little kiddies get out, or on Double Yellows by the cash machine.

    If they don't care about anyone else, why would they put their hand in their pocket for an extra 5-10k for the hybrid version EVEN IF they were stupid enough to beleiev the 'green' bullshit.

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