back to article Leica unwraps £16k, 32Mp camera

Twelve megapixels is fine for your average Joe photographer, but if you’ve got £16,000 to burn then feast your eyes upon the Leica S2 – which boasts a whopping 32Mp sensor. The S2 has the look and feel of a traditional 35mm SLR camera, but the camera’s internal signal processing can detect and eliminate annoying layered moiré …


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  1. Paul Gordon

    A bit overkill...

    ...for putting the picture of my cheese sarny I had at lunch on Facebook.

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  3. Monkey

    I'm having two...

    One for best and one for everyday...

  4. Brutus


    I would assume that this is aimed at professional photographers who make a rather large amount of money from their business. Leica has always been outrageously expensive.

    As an aside, the photo of the menu in the article sugests that the camera is actually capable of 37.5 megapixels! A quick check on the website confirms this.

  5. Phil Koenig

    Leica not that popular with pros

    Actually the majority of people who own Leicas are either collectors or just rich people where it goes along with the expensive cars and fancy mansions.

    In recent decades, Leica cameras have not been particularly practical as professional tools for a variety of reasons, although there are a small group of people that use them that way.

    Looking at the specifications like frames-per-second, I would imagine that most professionals looking at that kind of price category would probably rather be using a Hasselblad, or Mamiya/Leaf. Or if you wanted something small and fast (3-4x the frame capture rate) a 24MP Nikon D3x - at less than half the price - would seem to be a more practical choice.

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