back to article Intel's consumer-friendly Nehalem chips arrive early?

Intel's long-awaited consumer-level Nehalem-based processors and motherboards are already available in Asia in "small volumes", ahead of their expected launch early next month. That is, if a report by the Taiwanese market-watchers at DigiTimes is to be believed. DigiTimes reports that unnamed "market sources" have told them …


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  1. Jesse Dorland
    Thumb Down

    Aren't desktop dead yet?

    Honestly, why would anyone bother building a desktop? I mean with a laptop, you can go to a library, talk to pretty girls. Desktop are like chaining a wife to a radiator.

  2. Darren Lovell

    @ Jesse Dorland

    Is chaining the wife to a radiator such a bad thing?

  3. Daniel 22

    @Jesse Dorland

    My God, I never thought I'd see such a comment on the register... I just hope you were trying to be ironic. If not, and you do believe that laptops are as powerful as desktops, I can only assume your PC is used for nothing more than facebook stalking.

    @Darren... if you chain her to the radiator, how's she going to do the dishes and get you a beer? It'd have to be a long chain.

  4. lyngvi

    desktops ftw

    Still using a desktop here. I don't really see desktops as that great for Joe User anymore. But having multiple large screens, a RAID-1 array to protect against hard disk failure, and being able to operate multiple VMs simultaneously are helpful features for some of us. Good luck finding a laptop under 5 grand and 5 kilos that'll do that for you.

  5. Chris Fleming


    I use a desktop every day at work oh and servers too...

    Sorry we got no radiators here in the tropics the neareset coconut tree is used-)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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