back to article HSBC Trojan warning tracked down as false alarm

A false alert left users of Kaspersky's internet security software fearing there was malware on HSBC's website last weekend. Users of Kaspersky Internet Security logging onto HSBC's Personal Internet Banking site were incorrectly informed that a malicious file containing the HTLM-Agent-CE Trojan had been loaded onto their …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Maybe the HSBC web site mentioned how much in bonuses they were paying their chief honcho - that sounds pretty malign to me...

  2. Anonymous Coward

    hmmm, story needs more Jackie Chan

    I'll just leave this here

  3. dunncha

    No need to break into the website

    HSBC just leave customers details lying around on peices of paper for anyone to pick up.

    Security Fail

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    identified BattleShip Chess (quite a nifty little game) as a Trojan the other day. I was gutted, it meant I had to do some real work for a change!

    (Thankfully we're back to normal now. Phew!)

  5. Jon 83


    Unless Im very much mistaken, HSBC give free copies of Kaspersky (might be McAfee) away as their "Security software of choice".

  6. Anonymous Coward

    @Jon 83

    You are mistaken and it is easy to check..

  7. ZedsDead

    false positives

    if you have to have a false positive every now and then, i would rather have this than the last couple which were CA and McAfee totally trashing Windows.

    But then as Windows likes a rebuild from time to time perhaps they think they are doing you a favour and getting you started!

  8. Big Cat

    No regrets

    As the person who reported this to The Reg and by phone to HSBC, it was a nuisance as I was trying to pay a bill - but the payment recipient's web site also has a bill paying function, so I swapped to that. And HSBC did indeed fix the problem within the hour that they told me was their target. Its 47 years ago at about this time of the year when my Dad took me into the branch of the Midland Bank at which my parents had banked for some time (and his use of Midland I have tracked back to at least 1940 and records of very interesting transactions at that time) and said "This is my son, he is going to university. Please open an account for him". And they did.

    It seems to be a week for over-sensitivity. Trying to purchase a National Express coach ticket online yesterday, Firefox's NoScript (in an XP system with FF3.5.2) completely blocked me when I tried to move to the payment stage - claimed a potential XSS cross site scripting attack. Moving to a Win2K system with FF3.0.13 and no NoScript I completed the transaction - and the system isn't showing any sign of distress (yet).

  9. SSS

    S...T happens to say like in the movies

    It s an understandable mistake for kaspersky and other AV vendors as long as the proper action was taken in normal time limits .

    Me personally I didn't t hear anything about issue like this from AV bitdefender 2010 I just upgraded today .

  10. Mike T

    Did they also apologise to the poor apostrophe?

    That is all.

  11. Pink Duck
    Thumb Down

    HSBC are...

    Does anyone else feel irritated like me about the way their website empties the login textboxes on onload, wiping about credentials you've already entered? Or the way they don't email notify you of responses to secure messages? Or how they don't let you see secure messages you've sent to them? Or their failure to fix a SQL injection problem? Still, that's nothing compared to the 78-day saga I had in moving my ISA from a variable to fixed-rate account (both with them!). Well done bankers!

  12. Mat


    It was Barclays who were giving away copies of Kaspersky to its internet banking customers.

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