back to article First Samsung Android phone out next week

Samsung’s first Android-based mobile phone – the Galaxy i7500 - will be launched next week, Register Hardware has discovered. Samsung_I7500 Samsung's Galaxy: out next week on O2 Staff at a handful of O2 retail outlets consulted the chain’s stock management system on our behalf, and told us that the device – which features …


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  1. nichomach
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    Am I the only one...

    ...who's becoming a bit tired of the phrase "only on O2"?

  2. Patrick 14
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    Job maybe the Devil but his shit works

  3. spegru
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    skype & wifi

    As soon as there s an Android that supports Skype over wifi I'm getting one, but not before (with the 3G coverage being so patchy)

    Until then i'm staying with Fring (the native skype for symbian doesnt support wifi) on my Nokia E71)

    Of course the carriers hate that and so part of the Customer Experience is to make sure there are no naughty apps and that it is sufficiently locked down

    This is the trend started by Apple I am afraid - locked down devices that can only install approved apps (Symbian were too early and too open to close their platform in that way - so far).

    Now where's the jailbroken Android?

  4. Michael
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    I've been waiting to try out this and the new HTC phone. However, the contracts on O2 tend to be rubbish if you aren't getting an iPhone.

  5. John Macintyre


    agreed, how the hell do they manage to get so many exclusive deals? Does nobody else have any money anymore? I thought they weren't even the biggest of the 4 anyway? crazy :(

  6. Anonymous Coward
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    Good spread of carriers

    Android handsets now available on Voda, O2, T-Mob and Orange. That can only be a good thing.

    Worldwide HTC Magic sales topped the one-million mark this week too, which isn't bad considering it was only released a couple of months ago. Okay, so it's got a way to go before it starts harassing the iPhone, but competition in this market can only be a good thing.

  7. Dave Fox

    Only on O2

    For me, that phrase just means that the handset is one I'll never own.

    I don't like handset exclusives, never have and never will. I might have had an iPhone if it'd been available on other networks, as I'm not going to shell at that much money for a SIM-free one.

    I choose my network based on performance, reliability, price, and signal strength in the areas that I need to be, not on the handsets that they offer subsidized under contract.

  8. Dr Who

    Only on O2

    Other exclusive O2 features

    Free three day data outage!

    Free three day international roaming voice and data outage!!

    Free three days of music while you sit in the customer service call queue!!!

    All of these stunning service options come included in your standard package.

    Call us now to get a free sample of our free music whilst you wait for Jane, our customer service representative, to get back from her lunch break.

  9. Karim Bourouba
    Paris Hilton

    but it isnt only on o2?

    Yes, the model looks like its only on o2. But if you really want an Adroid handset, you can get them on Tmobile and Orange?

  10. Ian Tunnacliffe

    Me too

    If this carries on we are going to have to start lobbying for legal changes. I am with Vodafone on a contract. I can't have an iPhone, and now I hear I can't have a Samsung Android. That should be grounds for walking away with no penalties.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Me too.

    O2 sucks - their data network hasn't been the best lately.


  12. Donal Gavin

    Dam O2

    I am, Dam O2.

  13. HansG
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    @ nichomach

    No, you are not the only one

    Not just "only on O2", but "only" on any network, surely moves like these by phone manufacturers severely limit how many handsets they sell.

    Or does the nice payout from O2 (or similar) balance things out??

    Also, do all of these "exclusive" network deals have an end date? Like with the latest iPhone

  14. Dawid Lorenz

    No, you're not...

    ...the only one. Getting sick of O2 swiping all the latest and greatest mobiles off the market. :/

  15. Vitani


    wish I hadn't been in such a rush to buy a G1, this is a nice looking phone!

  16. Was Steve

    @nichomach: No, you're not...

    I reckon the failure in the "Customer Experience Process" will have been something like, oh I don't know, being able to install a VoIP client, or tethering it to a laptop without informing O2 central.

    (Cynic? Moi? Never! ;)

  17. Return To Sender

    Only on O2...

    And I was so looking forward to maybe getting one of these. The reviews seem pretty positive. Guess I'll have to wait & see what other manufacturers are releasing in the Android flavour this year. Or surrender and switch providers.

  18. Anonymous Coward
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    Wont be getting it here ...

    as O2's coverage up here is worse than 2 cups with a piece of string. Why are these companies so keen to limit their phone userbase? It's a real shame as the phone looks pretty good.

  19. Mark Wood


    I was waiting for this handset to appear on T-mobile so that I could take advantage of one of their cheap "unlimited" data tarriffs with it.

    Looks like it'll be another £30+ a month O2 ripoff instead.

  20. RichyS

    Re. 'Am I the only one..."

    No, you're not.

    I wish O2 would spend some of their money on their hopeless 3G network, rather than on securing phone exclusives.

  21. D@v3
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    re: nichomach

    not at all

  22. James Pickett (Jp)


    I'm with you there. Especially since they've been shown up for how poor their 3G coverage is.

  23. Noel Morgan

    Not just Only on O2

    Toshiba TG01 - Only on Orange

    Blackberry Storm - Only on Vodafone

    Samsung S8000 - Only on Vodafone

    G1- Only on T-mobile

    they are all at it.

  24. Chris Beach

    Same as Magic

    Same spec as the HTC Magic that voda do, and slightly worse than the HTC Hero T-Mob and Orange are doing.

  25. Youvegottobe Joking

    Bah, soon every phone will be locked to one of the netowrks

    I wanted to get the Samsung i8910 but its Orange only and they are just rubbish where i live. Now this one is O2 only its possible I might end up with it....

  26. Falle
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    Android is not locked down

    With Android, you are free to install any application you like. That is one of the big advantages over the iPhone: It is a very open platform.

    As for exclusivity, there are already retailers offering the i7500 unlocked. That will allow you to use it with any network. And the pricing is transparent that way.

  27. Ben Raynes

    Release dates are a myth!

    I've been after this phone for a couple of weeks. Was told by O2 CS on the phone that it was due out w/c 10th August. Phoned them every day this week to see, nothing. Called into the local retailer, and was told it was meant to be in-store by the 17th, so it would probably come in on the delivery today. This was later confirmed by someone from O2 on the phone saying that the release had been pushed back w/c 17th.

    Just got back, after having been told that there is "a problem with the software" that the stores have had a memo about, and that the release has been pushed back with no projected date.

    Not sure what the "software" problem supposedly is, especially as this phone is ALREADY out, and has been for a month or so, on O2 in Germany...

    By Christ O2 are useless.

  28. Roy Cunningham

    I've got a Magic :-)

    @By Was Steve

    I reckon you're spot on there...My rooted Magic can do these things

  29. Neil 50

    Android is open out-of-the-box

    @spegru: There is no need for a 'jailbroken android' - there's a standard option to install apps from any source, not just the Android marketplace. e.g. Skype could put a non-carrier-approved version for download on their website, noone could stop them.

    Network whingers:

    All mobile networks have their own exclusivity deals on certain handsets. Some even do it for certain colour versions of the same model. TV networks do it. Microsoft and Sony do it. It's business.

    I had never used T-Mobile before, now I'm stuck with them for 18 months. Seem OK. They're not perfect, but no worse than the others I've been on.

    @Ian Tunnacliffe:

    A mobile contract signs you to a network for a fixed period. You get a new subsidised handset on signing up for a new contract. No mobile network will subsidise you a new handset until your old contract has finished. At which point you are free to leave for another network.

    So if Vodafone did do the iPhone or Samsung you still wouldn't be getting either until your contract runs out.

    Roll on end of contract, and SonyEricsson Rachel!

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Come on!

    Is the "Customer Experience Process" also the reason O2 are promising the Palm Pre "before Christmas"? Can't they just slap their access points and voicemail number in the phone (which should take moments) and throw it out the door to the baying pack? Surely offering the latest new phones is good business sense?

    Re exclusivity deals: They should keep these at the level of "brown version of the phone exclusive to network". All it does is force phone handset companies to produce far too many almost-identical phones, which can't help anyone.

  31. lord_farquaad

    already in France

    This one is sold in France with Bouygues Telecom.

    According to the user comments I read, the battery last for one day. And all 10 user comments were about that ...

  32. babz

    Not news..

    When I called to get a PAC code from o2 they offered me this handset as an alternative to the HTC hero, I told them to get stuffed.. They told me that it was going to launch around the end of the month (think he said 28th but not 100% on it)

    If you want an Android phone you have the option of:

    Samsung Galaxy - o2

    HTC Hero - Orange & T Mobile (called the g2 touch)

    HTC Magic - Vodaphone

    Android is on pretty much all carriers, surely 3 will get one soon enough.

    Doubt this one will sell as Samsung have been making some pretty dodgey phones recently..

  33. h 6
    Jobs Halo

    No Apple

    For once, a smart phone article that DOESN'T mention Apple or iPhone. But of course the first 2 or 3 comments do. I thought you haters, uh, hated always having to read iphone this and iphone that in articles about other smart phones.

    Well, congrats, this article's for you. So why bring it up then?



    Had a HTC Magic on Vodafone for 3 months now and absolutely love it. The Samsung sorts out the only negative points in the magic - the crap camera and 3.5mm jack. Yes the battery life does only last a day if you spend all your time surfing the web, using Sat-Nav, finding the nearest local cinema/restaurant etc but if you use it as a phone it'll last 2-3 days at least. The touchscreen is a joy to use, as is Android and the marketplace offers you hundreds of programs to waste your time playing with. Best thing is the Magic fits more nicely in the pocket than an iphone, noka n97 or any other smartphone I know of. Either wait for the samsung or get a magic, I don't think you'll be disappointed!.

  35. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Capacitive OLED nice...

    I really don't know why Apple didnt put an OLED screen in the iPhone 3GS. Maybe then there would be a reason to upgrade!

  36. Ed 11

    O2 = biggest UK network = best exclusives

    Some comments seem to mistakenly take the view that O2 are somehow punching above their weight when it comes to getting exclusive handsets.

    Perhaps that is because you are unaware that O2 are the largest mobile network in the UK.

  37. KenBW2
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    Screw contracts

    I'm just waiting for a sub £150 Android on PAYG. Maybe on something like 3's £5 for a month of unlimited* internet.

  38. softscoop

    End of month

    I asked about this instore on Saturday and was told "the end of the month."

    They had no idea on pricing or anything yet, so it sounds plausible.

  39. BARe FOOt

    Just phoned O2

    The Samsung Galaxy (the i7500) is in the new brochure but no price details or info about PAYG. The retentions guy new nothing about it. But O2 seem to still be pushing the Jesus phone - the only option for an early upgrade and you loose your loyalty bonus!

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