back to article Underground forum gets pwned

A notice on underground cybercrime forum on Thursday suggested the site had become part of a law enforcement sting operation. However hacker hijinks and mischief making seem equally likely explanations for the incident, at the time of writing.'s home page has been replaced by an jpg image notice …


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  1. H 5
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    I Call BullSh**

    The language used is not as I would expect officals to use and in all liklyhood they would not warn anyone of said data gathering. Any individuals suspected of crimes would be contacted personally and confidentially.

    Its just hackers hacking hackers.

  2. Peter Ford

    It must be the cops...

    ...there's no l33t or even spelling mistakes

  3. Anonymous Coward


    No official seals or logos, no official identification of the organisation responsible, vague threats that "everything has been monitored" and "arrests have been made". I seriously doubt any sort of official or governmental body would be so vague,

    To say nothing of the fact that that they've announced themselves like this in the first place! Why blow your cover by telling people that you're about to arrest them?

    Sounds like a hack to me.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why would any one post such a message?

    I don't see what benefit it would have to law officials. Handy for destroying evidence though.

  5. Stuart Reid


    I call BS, moving the mouse over the pic it says "we're watching you", hardly professional law enforcement work..

  6. Bilgepipe
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    Anything that winds up these little f**kers is okay by me.

  7. Peter2 Silver badge

    Re: Why would any one post such a message?

    Because it might scare a few script kiddies off messing up vulnerable systems. Deterrence is actually more effective than legal action in this regard. If they actually get prosecutions on 20% of the members of that forum then i'd say they are doing fairly well.

    Putting the fear of um, the police into the other 80% and the knock on effect on other script kiddies discovering that they aren't "teh uber hackers" and as anonymous as they thought they were is actually good. Suddenly one or two of them start to realise that if you play with the big boys you can get hurt and stick to playing with their x-boxes.

  8. Simon 39

    Doubt it...

    I would expect any law enforcement group to at least identify themselves.

    Sure, they got hacked, but I doubt it was the fuzz.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Shadow Crew.

    Was exactly what it said on the tin. Don't dismiss this too quickly.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    That is not how coppers talk.

    Not remotely like the sort of messages they've put up on other forums they've taken over/down.

  11. Fugitif

    what about ghostmarket ?

    the same admins ,the same bullshit -> (botnets,cards,money etc) they must do the same thing.

  12. nikkiys


    we already know it's all fake and probably a 0day exploit in vB...

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's true...

    Check out the latest episode of 4corners (ABC in Australia) - Australian Federal police posted the message.

  14. Anonymous Coward
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    Epic trolling

    99.999% chance it is fake. Even if not, I doubt even skiddies are stupid enough to not use 7 proxies...

  15. Anonymous Coward

    99.999% it is NOT fake...

    the ABC just put to air a 'crapumentary' on cybercrime and showed the australian federal police posting the message (obviously delayed somewhat) on the site. i just loved how they had an 'expert hacker for hire' who they took war-driving who basically stated that he could break into any encrypted home wireless network in under 10 minutes. wtf? i know there are tons of mums and dads that are probably still using WEP but come on...WPA2 in under 10 minutes when anyone with half a brain (i hope) would use a strong key?! talk about fear-mongering.

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