back to article Sony promises clarity on virtualization-free Vaio PCs

Sony has promised to be more upfront with Vaio customers after blocking their ability to work with hardware virtualization from Intel. Senior manager for product marketing Xavier Lauwaert has told The Reg: "I'll take the action to be clearer on our site that VT will not be enabled." After discovering that Intel's …


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  1. Eugene Goodrich
    Paris Hilton

    Missing the "why"

    Why is it disabled in the present VAIOs? Is this a black helicopter issue, or are there believable practical reasons?

    Paris, because she'd have written _something_ on the reasoning behind this decision.

  2. Dick


    "No demand"

  3. Goat Jam

    They do it because they are Sony

    and as such they are arrogant assholes who hold their own customers in contempt. They probably see it as a means to extract more cash from the poor saps who buy their crap by charging a premium for machines that have that *extra* capability.

    Other than that there is no valid reason for them to act the way they are.

    Of course the simple solution is to never buy Sony products. Ever.

    It works for me!

  4. h 6
    Gates Horns


    Evil Gates 'cause the MS evilness is spreading!

  5. NutZ


    I want to know why it is disabled too. Even if it is trivial to reenable it I still want to know why it was disabled in the first place. I managed to reenabled it on my VGN-AR630E but this still feels sleezy and I don't think I will buy anymore Sony products.

  6. James O'Brien

    @Eugene Goodrich

    Its black helicopter issue. In an earlier post about this Sont had said that "having Vt enabled in BIOS would be too much of a security issue to the customer to allow this."

    Total horseshit if you ask me but cant blame a company for trying to pad the bottomline....oh wait yes you can when they say stupid shit like that. My Bad.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Epic Fail!

    "Lauwaert said Sony had been taken by surprise by the level of demand for VT, and - again - he committed Sony to supporting VT in Vaios in future. But - again - he was unable to say when this would happen."

    That statement is all I ever needed to confirm my already low opinion of Sony laptops.

    I have managed to work them off the approved purchasing list off every company I have ever worked for and will now have even more ammunition in future. Thanks for the assistance Sony.

  8. Allan Rutland

    Money grabbing bastards

    Disabled so they can release a new line of Vaio's with it enabled. Ohh you want virtualisation? here you go, buy a new Vaio...we turned it off on your old one to force you into an upgrade :P

  9. Gordon Jahn
    Thumb Down

    Forget the clarity... make all the features paid for work!

    This seems to be another issue like MP expenses where the fix they wanted was to stop people finding out rather than cleaning up their act.

    Why on earth would you turn this feature off?? The last Vaio I had wasn't cheap at about £1,800 -- if I wanted a laptop right now I'd expect it to allow system development and testing across OSes. Rather than provide clarity, I'd want a fix and cast iron assurance that the processor advertised hasn't been crippled. This looks a bit like when Intel turned off defective 486 DX co-pros to sell the chips as cheaper SX parts: inferior hardware but without the "cheaper" bit.

    Sorry Sony, you were the only PC manufacturer I'd have considered if I'd fallen out with my Mac. Fortunately I haven't, and all its bits do work as advertised, so I'll stick here for now.

  10. SynnerCal

    Poor old Sony

    I'm old enough to remember when Sony was feted as a maker of nicely-priced, technologically adept gear, (I've got a DiscMan, super slimline Walkman and original model PS2 all going strong). Now they appear to be pursuing the opposite - poor products at premium prices.

    Intel VT appears to work fine on my second-hand Dell D620 - which I bought specifically because I _needed_ VT support (it's a VMware Server host that I use for test and development). So I'm at a loss to understand why Sony can't get it working - unless there's a commercial, rather than technical, reason for the omission. (Black helicopter icon goes here)

    How the mighty have fallen... :'(

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    Think Sony's explanation was that having a mode avaialble that was invisible to the OS + any virus checkers etc was seen to be dangerous .... they have a point - after all that's what everyone was complaining about when Sony used a rootkit for copy protection etc. and how opening up the ability to run code that was invisible to the OS was likely to result in the imminent end of civilization

  12. Craig 12

    Get the wahmbulance

    This issue could be resolved with a simple BIOS update, which Sony issued in the past for the transition from XP -> Vista.

    I love my Sony laptop. they easily make the best out there if you can afford it (Z series in particular)

  13. Wortel


    When will people learn that a higher price doesn't mean better equipment nowadays? Sony stopped being interesting since the mid-90s when they stopped building for function, now it builds shiny turds for executives with big wallets.

  14. Gordon 10 Silver badge

    No Excuses Sony - release a new Firmware

    Reading the EFI hack from the article we are talking about a single bit setting here.

    Sony have no excuse and no justification for announcing not immediate announcing the release in x months time of a new bios/efi version where this bit is enabled. Even with significant Testing this shouldnt take that long.

    Anything else is completely unacceptable.

  15. Tidosho Bronze badge

    Typical Sony, this!

    This is just typical of Sony. Crap overpriced hardware that fails, and doesn't do what it's supposed to, or what you paid for it to do.

    PS1 = Fail, laser and spindle cheapness

    PS2 = Even bigger fail with the same laser problems as the original, that looks like a heatsink out of an industrial machine!

    PS3 = Same issues as the above two, shaped like a casket, and slow.

    Vaio = Crap Mac lookalike that fails unexpectedly (I know, I'm a PC technician). The only good thing is the DC Jack is on a plug for replacement.

    Sony Batteries = Junk that explodes

    The only thing going for Sony with me is some of their audio products. Sound quality and battery life (provided you're not using THEIR batteries)

    Sony seems to have a lot of worshippers, like Apple. Why, is beyond me. In fact the two companies are becoming similar, style over substance. I'd rather have substance over style, something that isn't wafter thin, but still does what I want it to, and doesn't explode.

  16. Nick Galloway

    Don't buy them!!!

    Having owned a Vaio, which shortly after the warranty coverage expired suffered a hard disk controller failure, the simple way to avoid being short changed on VT is to buy a computer from someone else!

    Maybe Sony will get the hint after having gone to great lengths to disable VT, reducing the functionality their intended customers are expected to pay for. There is plenty of competition in the laptop market and Sony demands a premium for its 'fashion' element. If you want to look cool with a laptop, buy an Apple but if you want a grunty Windows machine go for something other than Sony. Let their arrogance cost them dearly.

  17. Aaron 10

    Bad Sony

    Even Apple enables VT on their computers. Interesting that a Mac will run Windows 7 in XP mode when a Vaio can't...

  18. rick buck

    More sONY Baloney

    If I buy a computer that has a certain chipset (VT Capable),

    with Windows (VT Capable),

    ...and sONY DIS-ABLES IT...

    then they sold a defective item,



    I'm tired of paying for products that are RE-CONFIGURED to what they think you should be able to do, instead of what the software and hardware was designed to do.

    Sony thought ROOT-KITS were OK TOO!!!

    (they still owe me for that one,

    and my MD RECORDER will not work either...

    Vista they did not see it coming...DUH...


    >>>SCREW THEM TO THE WALL!!!!!<<<

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