back to article Outlook (finally) coming to the Mac

When Microsoft releases its next version of Office for Mac late next year, it will include a capability that will finally bring it into parity with its Windows counterpart: Outlook for Mac. This new application will not be merely an "Outlookized" version of Office for Mac 2008's Entourage - Outlook's weaker sister - but be …


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  1. ThomH Silver badge

    Macs Enterprise ready at last?

    You know, other than the pricing issues.

  2. Jerry Masterson
    Thumb Down


    Now I'll have to remember to uncheck Outlook instead of Entourage when doing installs. How about a basic Word and Excel only version for people that want to get work done without useless crap wanted by MS fanboy sysadmins?

    One of the greatest things about the Mac was that it didn't have MS Outhouse.

  3. Richard Cartledge

    FIVE years too late

    Now Apple's Mail (in Snow Leopard) is pretty much fully integrated without sacrificing the Apple stuff. Who would invest in the MS client only to have the rug pulled from under them again?

  4. James O'Shea
    Gates Horns

    yes, but

    will the new Office include Word?


  5. Anonymous Coward


    I can hardly wait to deselect it in the list for a customized installation of Office.

  6. tom 24

    Outlook... Outlook... wait, you mean the email client?

    And this is supposed to be good news?

  7. Mike Wharton

    Outlook Coming to the Mac?

    Thats like saying

    "Great!...Swine-AIDS has finally crossed over to humans!"

  8. Michael C

    Oops, pricing issue in Mac favor?

    Well, if Snow Leapord is going to itself feature native Exchange support, and Outlook will be available to replace entourage in the Student Teacher edition, then mac users, for $129, can get what Windows users need to pay $399 for! Big smile :D

  9. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Lookout for Outlook!

    As it is so late, it is plainly not a 'Must Have At all costs application' for Mac Users.

    Personally, I use Thunderbird so this great 'feature' will pass me well by even though I use Office on my Macbook.

  10. exit...quit...bye...quitbye.ctrl-C..ctrlX.ctrl-alt-X...aarrrr*slam* Silver badge
    Gates Horns

    Rejoice, mactards!

    You have sooo much to look forward for.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Tacit acceptance from Microsoft that they really ought to be selling their none OS software to everyone and anyone in the name of serving their shareholders. A Linux version of MS Office would be nice. This is the best way to compete with Google IMO.

  12. Anonymous Coward
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    In other exciting news...

    ... a bloke in Dundee has announced he is to release a competitor to MS Office. Codenamed Pen, Paper and Ruler, Malcolm Smith claims his product will offer significant advantages over the MS version: It won't crash or generate inexplicable errors, has no pathetically helpful icon that pops up every time you write "Dear...", and costs about 300 quid less.

  13. AndrewG

    But will it have Word?

    Or will Macs be the only place where Microsoft can sell Word?

  14. Michael Xion

    too late for me, alas

    I was forced from a Mac to a Windows box at work because the Mac didn't run Outlook, and Entourage just didn't work that well. This may be a big deal to those of us who work in organisations that mandate exchange as mail and calendar application.

  15. Anonymous Coward
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    And to think ...

    I'm still using an IBM electronic typewriter which I used for my thesis in 1983 (I used to paste in-line bromides with TeX equations derived from a VAX in with Pritt. Ah! Happy Days) to do most of my daily correspondence! The beauty of it is that it can save everything to a natty (and totally defunct non-standard) 3" floppy disk. IN ASCII. AND it has a three-line memory buffer with full spell-checking! It also has three interchangable golf balls ... Press Print and it sends the buffer contents to be printed to paper. Sooooo hi tech.

    Progress, if you ask me.

  16. Tom Cooke

    @Greg Fleming - TeX

    Oo, that takes me back - in my college days it was a choice of WordPerfect for DOS, or TeX/LaTex on the VAXen, and programming in Pascal. We shan't see times like that again :D

  17. Terry Ellis

    @ AC 'In other exciting news'

    Let me know how it goes when you need to send 500 letters to different addresses using your method, or when you need to embed graphics in those documents or when you decide that you didn't want to write your letter in that colour ink, but oh no! it's too late!

    Perhaps you just enjoyed doing lines at school, eh?

  18. bex


    As windows 7 does not come with an email client (even though the folders are there for windows mail) I have installed Outlook 2007 as live mail is untidy for my needs.

    I must say I quite like it, much more than mail on osx 1.5 that seems to hamstring you at every turn.

  19. Tom Chiverton 1

    @Jerry Masterson

    You want OpenOffice...

  20. Grumpytom

    What's Outlook

    Do I need it?

  21. Anonymous Coward

    @ Tom Cooke

    "programming in Pascal"

    Eeeee ba gum ... YOU were LUCKY! All we 'ad were Punched Cards and COBOL.

    If you couldn't make a bitmap of t' Mona Lisa using nowt but an old bus ticket and your granny's knitting needles you weren't a proper programmer. But you try telling folk nowadays that and they wouldn't believe you!

    Young people today --- they don't know they're BORN!

  22. SimpleUser

    Guys, I need your word of wisdom please

    I've been converting from a MS Windows environment (MS Office/ Outlook etc) to Apple, using a very nice, powerful Macbook now. While I'm ok with freeware such as NeoOffice for the majority of my documents, spreadsheets etc, I'm looking for some SW enabling me to read my old Outlook created emails (*.pst files) - any advise ? Or, what about some SW translating those files into an, say Apple mail readable format.

    Asking for your five cents, don't let me hange in there.

    Thanks Guys (and Gals, one never knows).


  23. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Just copy your email to an IMAP server from outlook...........

    Paris......because it's so easy that even she can do that!!

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