back to article Google's Caffeine splutters off interwebs

Google's heavily hyped new Caffeine system, that world+dog has been wetting their pants over since its testbed launch earlier this week, is currently offline. Anyone attempting to play with the firm's new search architecture will be greeted with a message titled "System maintenance" that reads: "Please try your search again in …


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  1. Publius Valerius Publicola

    Ok, no HHG, but...

    ...the "we're cleaning up; go 'way" message looks like someone rushed it together in Notepad in about two minutes... a good test of how well [i]your[/i] browser handles invalid, tag-soup HTML.

    This from one of the leading corporate lights of the doing-the-Web-right movement. Giving you your recommended daily allowance of irony, but no meat.

  2. Richard Jukes


    Reading between the lines it would seem that google are unable to keep up with the demand for their new search engine :)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    play about CAFFEINE!!!!! conflict crash catharsis

    in Prolific in the moment PLAYWRIGHT LARRY MYERS' new play

    "Caffeine Power Searchers"

    the bloggers & researchers crashed into an embankment in another galaxy

    when the crash occurred

  4. rick buck


    ...Just Jonesin' for Caffeine......

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