back to article Autocad attacks return after four years in wilderness

Viruses attacking users of the Autocad computer assisted design application have recently resurfaced after taking a four-year hiatus, prompting a call from one security watcher for more to be done to done to prevent such outbreaks. And indeed, that's exactly what Autodesk, the California-based maker of the high-end program, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Any word on...

    ...whether Autodesk has itself been classified as a virus which goes around infecting and taking over makers of superior CAD software, before dissolving their corpses into its own jabba-the-hut-like body?

  2. Goat Jam
    Paris Hilton

    I knew before I read the article

    what the "fix" would entail and yep, I was correct. You will have to purchase a new version in order to get it.

    "The next version of the program will be redesigned so scripts are loaded in a "more secure and trusted manner," he said."

    You know, a more cynical person might wonder whether Autocad has seen its sales slipping of late and have decided to "stimulate the market" by throwing a few nasties out there in order to "encourage" their captive users into throwing a few more $K in Autocads direction.

    Fortunately I'm not the cynical type so I'm sure such a thing would never happen.

    Paris, because she is always stimulating the market

  3. Anonymous Coward

    I am sorry but Autocad

    is the ulitmate failure

  4. Player_16

    @ David W. / Goat Jam...

    You mean from v13 AutoCAD to now? I'm dumb founded. How could you say such things about one of the most bloated pieces of 'must-haves' engineering programs on the market. Every year, it's a new version with more add-ons. When I save, it has to be in version 2004. Just let the previous rot on the vine... the MS way. MS is promoting this 'ribbon' and even they admit that's it's a bit unstable but put it on anyway. Yeah, they put a 'ribbon' (option) on top now for v2010 (I haven't tried it yet) so again it's a redesign and probably 2gigs heavier.

    I've not known of any company that completely wipes it's hands of legacy, popular, 1 year old software, like Autodesk. (cut-n-paste and add a colour.)

  5. Yeti

    What about competition?

    Does this vulnerability affect competing products too? We're now using AutoCAD (mostly the rusty but trusty v. 2000) but this might steer my boss' view to, say, BricsCAD.

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