back to article Nokia set to bring the Office to Symbian

Nokia and Microsoft are set to announce that Pocket Office will be coming to Nokia handsets, upsetting the blogosphere that was getting hyped on the idea of Windows-powered Nokia handsets. The Wall Street Journal reports that the deal is set to be announced today, at a joint press conference that had formerly been taken, by …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    stop blaming symbian

    seriously, what is peoples problem with symbian? don't they realise that it doesn't matter what os nokia use, they are just going to f**k up with the end product as they always do? symbian never had control over the UI and suchlike, but they still get the blame for it. you'll see that as nokia release much of the control over symbian the situation improves.

  2. Raymondo B
    Thumb Up

    Good idea

    Both companies needed to do something to get more of a handle on the mobile market. But they need to do a lot more than Office. Windows 7 mobile on Nokia handsets with a jointly developed app store makes perfect sense.

  3. Eric Hood


    The quickoffice people will not be impressed especially if MS include a mobile copy with Office pro.

    I like Symbian, My new N95 is superb much better reception and call quality than my previous phone the N80, a couple of years of bug fixing will do that.

  4. mfraz


    Hopefully there will be a way of un-installing MS Office otherwise I won't be buying another Nokia phone.

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