back to article STEC goes on range extension rampage

STEC has set out on a range extension exercise, offering faster speeds and interfaces, and cheaper multi-level cell (MLC) flash variants. It currently offers fast single-level cell (SLC) ZeusIOPS SSDs for enterprise storage arrays, as selected by EMC, Compellent, HDS, HP, IBM and others. The MACH8 product line is lower …


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    Excellent Summary and observations


    Excellent summary of the STEC annoucement, observations and question about Cisco.

    It is great how fast the Flash / SSD market is moving.

    All that is needed now is for storage array vendors and customers to be able to fully exploit the potential of these new drives. I see the the MLC Zeus IOPS drive really driving SSD adoption, hopefully with other vendors enterprise class SSD's. I just hope the storage array vendors make their prices attractive enough.



This topic is closed for new posts.

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