back to article Facebook slims down for developing countries

Facebook today launched a low bandwidth version of its site, for users on slow connections. Facebook Lite, currently on trial in Russia and India, is billed as a "faster, simpler version similar to the Facebook experience you get on a mobile phone". It includes the basic communication and photo-sharing functions of the usual …


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  1. lorenzo
    Paris Hilton

    too big aaarrgghh

    Hey Register guys

    when are we getting a mobile friendly version of of El Reg?

    I need my tech news fix constantly

    Never mind bloomin FB

    I can get that on my phone already

    Paris- cos she knows all about regular access

  2. Ray0x6

    in capitalist social media facebook eats your mum

    and nobody cares. this must be because your mum now has a facebook account.



  3. SmallYellowFuzzyDuck, how pweety!

    Too late.

    I used to use Facebook (Sorry) then all those silly "Slap someone or buy them a drink" crappy application things flooded onto facebook.

    I got so bogged down with it all (Mostly trying to avoid all this pointless stuff) it made me lose interest for something that was initially a nice simple way of keeping in contact with people without having to send and reply to emails all the time.

    It may be to late to convince me to go back there, but Facebook has now become hideously bloated, even when I stopped using it about a year or so ago it took ages and ages on a slow connection to load my page up.

    Of course it didnt help all those people on there who loved to hoad applications on their own page them insist I should do the same. "I would love to reply to your comment but I will have to wait 5 minutes while the 20,000 flowers, cats and drinks on your page load..."

    I guess it was peoples desire for Sparkly things that encouraged more crap to be written and then passed around.

    No it was a good idea at the start, a website to maintain contact with your friends in one place, but them it turned bloated and lame.

    Anyhoo, my point is "Facebook slims down, yeah no shit, it was overdue"

  4. ChrisC Silver badge

    Only in Russia and India, hmm?

    As someone who's never so much as stepped foot in either of those countries, let alone lives in one of them, I'm now wondering why my Facebook home page was offering me the chance to try out FB Lite this morning... methinks their trial may be a little more widespread than they're letting on/were expecting it to be.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Auto blocking anyone?

    They still don't have a way to automatically block any app that begins with the words who, which, when or includes the phrase "the results are scarily accurate"

    That ought to save a whole bunch of data transfer!

  6. Dale 3

    Restored from backup

    In other words, they restored the old Facebook 2007 code from a backup CD.

    Now if Gmail would do the same thing, that would be useful.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    De rigeur

    I would like to highlight my moral and social superiority by announcing that I, for one, do not follow the vast flocks of sheeple by using these so-called "social networking sites." I prefer to lounge about in the salons of my friends' City mansions, smoking cigars, drinking brandy and absinthe, and engaging in the odd bit of heroin use and buggery, the way proper social gentlemen ought.

  8. The Bug

    New Zealand

    The trial is over in little old developing New Zealand too.

    That said our bandwidth does cost a bomb so maybe they have assessed our telecoms infrastructure as being to third world standards!

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Nobody uses facebook in Russia, anyway

    They all use instead. Most russians haven't even heard of facebook.

    So why are facebook even bothering?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Should release it over here

    What with the truly dire broadband infrastructure that BT aim to increase to a still pathetic 2mbits in 3 years (not that they will actually manage it...)

  11. Tony Paulazzo

    Facebook would be better

    if they simply had a button that allowed you to refuse all apps, forever, kthxby.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Facebook Lite

    Lite bandwidth

    Lite (in) value

    Lite (user) IQs

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