back to article Citrix touts XenServer hypervisor ramp

Citrix Systems - which has made a good living peddling products that allow desktop users to run server-based applications - wants to make even more money with desktop and server virtualization. The only problem is that VMware got started earlier and has the lion's share of the market. That's why in February, Citrix put out …


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  1. Carl Heaton


    It'd be nice to hear some analysis and figures on the new Citrix CSP/SPLA offering and how the model of providing the basics for free and the HA/advanced stuff on a pay-per VM basis might play out once they gain more traction. Especially how the training and certification requirement for CSP might impact income and traction.

  2. informed
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    XenServer in small business

    As a small business with a reasonably typical three back office server (AD, Exchange/SQL, file server), XenServer is very attractive. Ohh, and the fact we're running XenApp giving six virtual XenApp systems on three servers. Currently running ESX Server on the the back office but migrating to XenServer as fast as we can. The XenCentre console just feels more professional than VMware's offering (trite reason for choosing) but being free is a huge plus. VMware want £4k in software maintenance for another year. No thanks...

    Cheers, Rob.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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