back to article Pirate Bay sinks under electric storm

The Pirate Bay website has been knocked offline due to what it claims to be a power failure. On Monday a Dutch court temporarily banned the infamous BitTorrent tracker site's activities in the Netherlands, following legal action brought by the pro-copyright lobby outfit Stichting Brein in late July. A judge ordered TPB's …


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  1. Winkypop Silver badge

    Run aground?

    Or in dock for repairs?

  2. Jolyon Ralph

    moving to sealand?

    or, more likely, the inclusion on the graphic is just a joke to put people off the trail.

  3. Richard 81

    "I wanna be a pirate!"

    Love that picture.

  4. The Vociferous Time Waster

    here's what the record industry should do...

    The record and movie industry should stump up the cash to buy TPB. They can then use all the information to find the pirates who use the site and then track them down and sue them to hell and back. Considering the stupid fines that are being dished out in the US (where damages seem to be arbitrary and punitive rather than based on actual material loss) they can easily make back their initial investment.

    Alternatively they could just spread a little FUD that they are the puppet masters behind any future sale of TPB and watch the lusers run to the hills with tighty whiteys filled with brown arse gravey.

    Of course I doubt even the music and movie industries are enough of a bunch of bastards to think of a ploy like that.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That would be great

    If TPB gets $7.7 M for selling their site, it would be great if it was all paid to the RIAA as compensation for illegally gotten revenue. Maybe there is justice in this world?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    No, *here* is what the record industry should do...

    They should GFAD.

  7. ThinkingOutLoud
    Paris Hilton


    ...the System will get them all. I don't want it to but in the end most rebels lose, give up or die trying.

    Let's look forward to a fighting return!

    I thought EZTV was toast after their "relocation" but they're back and better than before.

    Paris because I'd love to dock on her bay.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    A little illegality is healthy for a society.

    Long live the Pirate Bay!

    There is really very little real money being lost here, very little harm done. I honestly think the enforcement does far more damage than the actual crime.

    Seriously .. do we have to be that uptight. Do we want our law enforcement and judicial systems wasting time on software piracy

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Playmobile version


  10. b166er

    AC 15:57

    If there is justice in this world, you walked into a lamp-post just after clicking 'Post comment' ;-)

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Working fine now

    It's working fine now, although I see the latest episode of weeds isn't up yet. Maybe I should wait for several months or years for it to appear on Sky so someone with Sky can make me a copy to watch, but really, why should I if they won't show it on ordinary telly?

    Good for Pirate Bay, and long may it, and its sister ships, supply me with programmes that proper telly can't get it together to show me.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AC 15:57

    Except, in the UK at least, you can't profit from the proceeds of crime, so their cash would be confiscated and they'd still end up with the fine/prison time.

  13. Jedi Name Germinator


    Uhm yes...

    We do want law enforcement and judicial systems taking the time on software piracy.

    I don't work long hours just to see something I worked on being put up for free; While my company are laying people off....

    Really can we just shoot these people.

    Grenade nuke em all

  14. Anonymous Coward

    'Scuse me but isn't that stealing ?

    Let's face people.

    If you download music/vids/ebooks without paying anyone it's stealing.

    You do it because you can.

    You shriek and point at the media industry making money and say it's justified.

    That's not far from "rape because she's good-looking and in a short dress."

    What about the people who actually make the music/books/films? F**k 'em eh?

    Oh grow-up and take some responsibility's embarassing.

  15. Gilbert Wham

    Well...'s working now...

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    YES we need and want our law enforcement and judicial systems to enforce copyright laws. That is why we have copyright laws. If every pirate was fined $10,000 per title you can bet there would be a lot fewer pirates and those who get caught a second time could spend a long, long time in prison. Punishment is meant as a deterrent. You will always have dirtbags who can't live within the laws of society. That is why we have prisons.

  17. Howard Chu

    punishment and deterrent?

    Punishment makes sense when there's an actual *theft* - an act that deprives a property owner of the use of that property. Electronic copying never deprives anyone of anything. At worst, they should simply be collecting the same fee they would have collected through an ordinary retail purchase, because that is the total extent of damage they could possibly have experienced.

    Anything beyond that is Piracy, yes, but it's piracy committed by the RIAA and MPAA against ordinary citizens.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Ah bugger it me hearties!

    I'm going back to ripping CD's from the local library! And theres always me cassette recorder in the loft!!

    Mines the one with the dusty Sony Walkman in the pocket

  19. Anonymous Coward

    @AC 21:08

    You Sir are an idiot and I claim my £10

    IT IS NOT STEALING - try looking up the definition of theft


    Will YOU please grow up and show some responsibility

  20. Anonymous Coward

    @AC @Playmobile

    Its a civil offence not a criminal one you muppet

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother


    > YES we need and want our law enforcement and judicial systems to enforce copyright laws.

    That's right. And they are being enforced in the country where TPB is located.

    Oh wait, you wanted YOUR laws to be enforced in SOMEONE-ELSE's country, over-riding the their democratically elected assembly?

    Hmm, colonial dictatorship, nice!

  22. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    The System is Rigged ..... Change it and IT with IT ....

    .... and Carefully Constructed Shared Words/New[s] Ideas.

    If TPB were SMARTer than the average Renegade into Renaissance, they would be Streaming their Own ProgramMING rather than Advising on the Facilitation of Third Party Supplies which are supplied basically for Free.

    It is somewhat perverse that to Freely List and Advertise the Location of a Copyrighted Stream in Third Party Possession for Selfless Sharing and Expansion of Digital Knowledge is Penalised to Produce an Intellectually Bankrupt Crime and Popular Martyr.

    Maybe that is the Global Gaming Factory X AB Master Plan to Bust through the AIBlockade. NeuReal ProgramMING Projects with XXXXPerienced Private Pirate Drivers...... Something Completely New and therefore presumably a Level Foreign Intelligence Field for Everyone. Lead then will be just down to to how Good and True would be One's Shared Imagination/Streamed Consciousness......... which is AIMMORPGaming Territory, Most Definitely, and IT runs in Parallel with Live Operational Virtual Environments too, with the One Drivering the Other into Novel Future Situations for Realisation , which is really then Virtualisation Technology Smoothly Working as IT Can and Should and therefore Will.

    For any Good Program though, IT needs to Provide a Great Gaming XSSXXXXual Script able to Relate and Sublimely Mentor to All Levels through a Ubiquitous Permanent Natural Base Link. Then does the Great Game lead Reality, Virtually and Remotely. :-)

    Oh, Yes IT does. :-)

    And that puts the $7.7m. purchase price on a pedestal as the Current Steal of the Century, for there is no Limit to the Cash which Great Games can Generate and Distribute ....and that has them in Direct Active Competition to Bankers who only Distribute Third Party Wealth XXXXStreamly Badly amongst Themselves....... in an Incestuous Circle of Diseased Conceit and Chronic Suicidal Toxicity.

  23. Greenalien

    Free, legitimate downloads

    I have a piece of equipment that automatically downloads copyrighted movies and TV shows completely legally.

    It's called...a television set.

    In order to use it, I have to pay an annual licence fee.

    Why on earth can't this model be applied to internet downloading - if everyone had to pay - say - £100 a year for an internet licence and could then download anything, the fee being split according to the level of downloads, possibly with some weighting that reflected the production cost of the item, then we'd all have more choice and everyone who deserved it would get paid at least something.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Every criminal in prison is innocent

    Just like the lies that pirates tell themselves, every criminal in prison is innocent. Denial don't change reality or the law. Get use to it or you'll be spending a lot of time at the iron bar hotel.

  25. JC 2

    @ AC 16:42

    Let he who is innocent cast the first stone.

    I'm fully in support of pirates being fined for the legal infraction, about $100 and restitution of the value of the work stolen (about $1 USD per MP3), so long as everyone else is held accountable for each instance (not just when caught as it is now but EVERY time) of speeding, jaywalking, and the myriad ways you can blow you nose and break some IP law at the same time.

    Who without an agenda whines about teenagers sharing MP3s when you can go on any major road and see people arguably risking others' lives by the simple act of speeding, let alone the more serious ills in this world.

    To focus on trivial things is to deliberately ignore the worst evils in this world, which when you get down to it is part of the problem in the first place. Musicians used to play captive for a private audience or what the public chose to pay after hearing them, there was always the option for that musician to find another line of work and the same is true today if they don't accept the pay for the job. Same with anyone else in the entertainment or content industry, we are not holding a gun to their heads and forcing their method of income.

  26. Rob 44

    What annoys me....

    What annoys me is these whining music and movie companies saying they have lost tons and tons of money. They haven't lost anything, it's just money they haven't made. They talk about it like it's money they are entitled to, regardless of if the product is good or not. "we made this so give us your money"

    How long have things like napster, kazaa, bit torrent etc etc etc been around now ? must be at least ten years. If all these companies keep "losing" as much money as they say, then why arent they all bankrupt now ?

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