back to article LiMo drives new phones from Panasonic, NEC

The LiMo Foundation wants you to know that the rise of Google's Android has not made its mobile Linux OS thoroughly irrelevant. Today, the Foundation announced that NEC and Panasonic have released nine new mobile phones based on the LiMo Platform, to be offered by Japan's largest wireless-services provider, NTT DoCoMo. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Slightly misguided

    "Even with the addition of BONDI support in R2, the LiMo Platform will be hard-pressed to attract enough developers to provide its phones with a critical mass of attractive apps." - So I guess not that many developers will be interested in creating widgets with html, css and javascript packaged in a zip file and distributable across multiple platforms? Get real! Even if they aren't interested in LiMo, their widgets from other BONDI capable platforms would easily work on LiMo handsets.

  2. Lars Silver badge

    Great numers but

    "iPhone now has well over 65,000 available apps."

    How many apps are actually usable, useful for a user. A bit like having 1005 editors to choose from.

    I do hope some other company will be more selective. Quite funny, as Apple used to be the "selective" one. Now selective in "politics" but not in numbers.

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