back to article Microsoft grabs domain in Google Apps assault

Microsoft has registered a new domain in an effort to retain Office customers who might be considering a shift online to Google Apps. The company grabbed the domain earlier this week. It had previously been farmed out to the Belgium-based ContactOffice Group that licensed the site name from a third-party under a …


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  1. James Dunmore

    Salmon Days

    Does anyone (at el reg) have the salmon days complete set - they were so funny, would be great to see them all again. Surely they'd be top hitting on youtube.

    These need to be posted up somewhere!

  2. Michael Habel Silver badge

    May I be the first...

    to request that the Register start remaking Salmondays again?

    I'd pay for a NewCorp style Subscription for that!!

    That is all!

  3. Terry Ellis

    What price

    By selling up, aren't they basically having to change the name of their whole company.

    I wonder if this is something prople consider when naming a company the same as thier website (with the .com bit at the end)?

  4. UkForest

    Toss a Coin?!...

    When I had to choose the name of my business I had two options, one had it's .com & available, the other didn't.

    Simple in the end!

  5. Chris Simmons
    Jobs Horns


    no, you may not be

    @ the world in general: as FZ said, fuck you all

    ta ta for now and thanks for all the fish, I'm going to keep on swimming and laughing at you

  6. Andrew Yeomans
    Gates Halo

    Who is going to grab

    .. from Palo Alto research centre, who are not using it right now.

    Which would be a much more meaningful name. Or don't people believe in "name follows function" any more?

  7. Reverend Brown

    Hey... looks like you're writing an article.

  8. I didn't do IT.

    Name following function?

    Not any more. We have been too long with Japanese(?) cultural influence. Some common company name formulas include:

    [Size Adverb] + [Fruit Type] = Example:

    [Colo(u)r Name] + [Animal Name or Type] = Example:

    [Energy Type] + [Natural Phenomenon] = Example:

    You may add others as you see fit.

  9. Mike VandeVelde

    Google Apps?

    "Office customers who might be considering a shift online to Google Apps"

    What about Symphony, OpenOffice, StarOffice, etc? "Cloud" software is a threat to all desktop software, luckily not a very scary one as yet. I would guess that MS is reacting at least as much to IBM joining the office fray, as they are to Google. IMHO.

  10. b166er

    Terry Ellis

    I'm figuring that if Microsoft want to buy from me, I'll retire!

  11. wired_retired

    Office 2010 Technical Preview

    Not sure what you mean by not available to testers yet..??

    I got my offer to install it on 5th August and accepted.

  12. Neoc

    Re: Name following function?

    You forgot:

    [Body Part] + [Electrical Buzzword] = Example:

    (no, I'm not joking. Another Dilbert joke spreads to reality.)

  13. Another Anonymous Coward 1

    Wonder how much it sold for?

    That domain name is incredibly prime online real estate, right up there with and other major ones.

    Throw in Microsoft as the buyer and things could have got very pricy indeed.

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