back to article Microsoft whips out Office 2008 patch for Mac lovers

Microsoft has hastily applied a fix to the Mac version of Office 2008, after the software giant introduced a glitch in the Open XML format when it released Service Pack 2 for the suite. The company noted yesterday that the 12.2.1 patch would get rid of error messages that some Mac users were faced with when trying to open …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    "The firm will be hoping this fix draws a line under any festering trust issues Mac lovers may have - well, for now at least."

    Not bloody likely! Worst waste of money I have spent on software. It is atrocious compared to its Windows cousin. Options missing from the Windows version, bugs. Almost like MS want you to buy a Windows license and Windows software!

    Better off with OpenOffice, NeoOffice, iWork, well basically anything other MS pile of poop!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    iwork FTW (...just)!

    For 90% of the work I/most people do, Iworks is:

    - faster

    - cheaper

    - less of a memory/CPU hog

    - easier to use

    - more stable

    - better looking (powerpoint vs Presentations)

    Having said that...I still prefer Excel over Spreadsheets any day of the week.

    Call it a 2-1 victory for iworks.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Office 2008 for Mac, although it only cost £35 quid from some student reseller, wasn't worth the money. I critically miss the visual basic support in Excel, so I'll be regressing to Office 2004 as soon as I have enough free time!

  4. magnetik

    Office? No thanks.

    I'm happy with iWork '09

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Aside from missing VisualBasic what is it missing?

    Aside from VisualBasic what options are missing that are on the Windows version?

    Performance wise, Word is slow, but other then that and missing VisualBasic support it's been a pretty decent package. And they finally added custom motion path support in PowerPoint with the last update, which was the last missing feature I knew about.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    @ Aside from missing VisualBasic what is it missing?

    The worst missing things are in Entourage:

    1) WebDAV instead of RPC/RPC over HTTPS (EWS still in beta)

    2) No Autoarchive (god damn how long have we been after this?)

    3) No central managment of its interface (no Group Policy on Macs)

  7. Matt 20

    Office Mac blows

    I've tried to like Office:Mac 2004 and 2008, but as I've gotten better and faster Macs, Office still behaves like I'm running on ancient legacy hardware. Even on a C2D, Entourage feels just as clumsy as it did on a G4.

    I too have migrated to iWork for native Mac productivity, and use Office 2003 on WinXP in VirtualBox whenever I need some real Access and Excel goodness.

  8. N2 Silver badge


    Straightforward non processor hogging, no bloat & a pleasure to use & dosnt piss me off on a regular basis.

    As for Orifice, the 2000/2003 versions much better, what makes me laugh is the PC users who dont have Microsofts latest bulge & cant open docx files (without a viewer), where as my Mac reads them fine & offers a selection to load the format

    I just cant think of any reason why MS dreamt up this broken xml format other than to make Mac users look & feel smug.

    The term Richard Cranium or Dickheads springs to mind.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Facts Straightened

    @ iwork FTW (...just)!

    For someone who favours iWorks you could at least get the name of the apps correct, the presentation software is called Keynote, the spreadsheet is Numbers.

    @ N2

    Windows Office users can open and edit Docx files in older versions with the compatibility pack. Apple users don't need Microsoft to make them smug most of them are smug gits already, at least the vocal ones.

  10. Gary F 1

    Badly broken

    Office 2008 for Mac is plain atrocious.

    I had a presentation sent to me by work, which had been made on a windows version of office. When opening it in Office 2008 for Mac, the Layout and formatting were obviously wrong (I had already seen it running on a windows machine).

    I then opened the same presentation in iWork and Open Office and it displayed perfectly.

    So, non-Microsoft Office programs can open Microsoft Office created documents better.


    Try it yourself. Create a simple document in Office 2008 for Mac, then open it in Office for Windows and vice versa.

    The vast majority of the time they will not display the same. That is unforgivable, particularly when iWork and Open Office get it right.

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