back to article Hitachi GST joins 2TB Club

The 2TB hard drive club just got its third member, with Hitachi GST joining Western Digital and Seagate. Pretty soon desktop PC cred will demand a 2TB spinner. The 7200rpm Deskstar 7K2000 3.5-inch drive a 32MB cache and a 3Gbit/s SATA II link to its host PC. There are five platters, which means Hitachi GST has not achieved the …


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  1. Tidosho

    My second fave joins the club!

    This is I get the chance to test Hitachi's 2TB offering over my first fave Western Digital. The WD seems to vibrate a little in my test case, but that's without vibration damping grommets.

    Let's hope WD and Hitachi drive Seagate out...I hate them, and their Maxtor buddies! Their drives have been nothing but problematic for me and my customers, never again will I buy an SG/Maxtor.

  2. Craig McAllister
    Thumb Up

    presumably they could do a 5-platter 500GB/platter drive...

    ...of 2.5TB?


  3. David Austin


    Cone on, Samsung.

    I Love your Spinpoint F1 - Fast reliable, and cheap.

    Don't let the others leapfrog you in capacity again.

    For the record: My disk buying policy went from "Buy Seagate" to "Buy anything but seagate, which are re badged Maxtors, and all the horror that implies"

  4. Wilko

    But where...

    ...are the 1.5TB drives?!

    After IBM sorted the Dethstar problem, I bought them and never looked back. Now I need a 1.5TB drive and they dont do them?

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