back to article Dennis the Menace buys FriendsReunited

ITV has sold Web1.0 social networking site FriendsReunited to DC Thomson, publisher of the Beano. DC Thomson's subsidiary brightsolid is paying £25m for the websites which include dating and genealogy services. Genealogy is big business online and brightsolid owns which claims 650m family records. The firm also …


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  1. Gerald Keen
    Thumb Up

    Someone @ ITV deserves a pat on the back

    for shifting the decade's leftovers for top dollar.

  2. Sceptical Bastard

    Where are they now?

    Beano buys Friends Reunited - says it all really, doesn't it? I bet ITV would love to be reunited with some of the £100m it wasted on FR.

    But every cloud... now the Bash Street Kids can reunite!

    Turns out that Smithy became a bouncer but was stabbed to death by a lager lout in the 1970s disco boom. In heaven, he was reunited with Plug who had been convicted of paedophilia in the 1990s and subsequently beaten to death by a mob of underclass unmarried mothers in Portsmouth.

    Cuthbert became a barrister practising at the criminal bar and has already been reunited with Danny - he successfully defended him on coke-smuggling charges. His instructing solicitor was Wilfred.

    Sidney's ambitions to be a vet were ruined by that unpleasant business involving a sheep and a tub of vaseline. He now runs an unlicensed animal sanctuary - he is under investigation by the RSPCA. His sister Toots did well for herself - after a spell on the game, she ran the mules for Danny's coke-smuggling ring and is now a presenter on a daytime shopping channel.

    No-one wants to be reunited with Fatty after his diabetes and morbid obesity led to him being pilloried on a reality TV show.

    Teacher died years ago. His widow became an alcoholic and is now so pickled that if they cremate her the fire will burn for months.

    Of course, kids from the rival Posh Street School are already reunited and will probably form the next government under their leader Lord 'Dave' Snooty.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Bit irrelevant now?

    I used to be on Friends Reunited however when Facebook came out all the people I wanted to keep in touch with went over to that.

    All work colleagues (including ex-colleagues) use LinkedIn.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bored, unemployed...

    ...or both, Sceptical Bastard?

  5. Andy Blackburn

    What about...

    MyPets app to be developed for Gnipper, Gnasher and Rasher?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    It was always bound to fail

    ..because once Facebook etc came out and were free, the £5 FR charged to contact people was just a non-starter. By the time they realised their business model was flawed, the game was up.

    I kept getting emails from FR earlier this year, telling me to go back and check, because "now contacting your friends is free". Well, thanks for letting me know, but all my schoolmates (and more) are on Facebook, which has a better interface, better mobile support, and also all my other non-schoolmates too.

    The only thing I did before I logged out (for the very last time, most likely) was to update my FR profile to say "I don't log in here, find me on Facebook" for the few 'tards who haven't realised FR is dead already.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    New keyboard please.

  8. lorenzo
    Paris Hilton

    Beano reuntied

    £25 million? how many gobstoppers could you buy for that?

    The publishers of the Sunday Post have now embraced the twentieth century

    How Spiffing

    Paris- cos she knows how fast popularity can fade

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Would someone remind me

    what bollocks of a business plan ITV gave for buying FR in the first place?

  10. Jamie Jones Silver badge

    ITV ruined it anyway

    When ITV bought FR, they added new features, but at the same time redesigned the user inrterface to be clunky, awkward, and slow.

    I stopped using it at that point, rather than due to facebook

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Missed the point anyway

    Friends Reunited was only of any real interest at the start when we could all share our memories of dodgy teachers and wierd lessons.

    Once they got all stuffy and respectable they became rather boring and very pointless.

  12. Ascylto

    Ha ha ha!

    Whoever at ITV made the decision to buy Fiends United should work for the government.

    He does? Oh!

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