back to article 3 boots up portable Wi-Fi modem

UK network operator 3 is to launch a multi-user mobile Wi-Fi dongle by Christmas. 3_huawei_wifi_unit 3's portable Wi-Fi dongle will be out by Christmas The 86 x 45 x 10mm device will allow you to create a personal Wi-Fi connection while on the move – provided you’re within range of 3’s network, of course. You won’t have to …


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  1. Patrick 14

    why bother

    Is that so all the family can now leave the House, so you can sit next to a transmitter to get a decent signal arghhhhh.

  2. David Gosnell

    That's cute

    Now, if they put a screen, microphone, speaker and keypad on it, it could be a phone too. But that will never happen, for all the non-technical reasons cited previously.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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