back to article Clearwire spreads more WiMAX on US

WiMAX fans just received two bits of good news: Clearwire will launch its WiMAX-based Clear 4G service in 10 new US markets next month, and a worldwide study suggests "strong potential" for both mobile and fixed WiMAX implementations in regions as disparate as the US and Africa. The Intel-championed wireless broadband …


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  1. Hud Dunlap

    Why these cities?

    Ok, Boise is where Micron Tech is. Waco is on the I-35 corridor. But everything else is pretty much out of the way.

  2. Chris iverson

    My guess

    That its cheaper to take care of those areas first before Verizon and the like a chance to deploy there. Also those areas are noted for being test markets for various products. I hope Clearwire is up to snuff with it otherwise WIMax could be ruined. Ohh well either way bring on the 4G. Beer/drink of choice all around then

  3. mobeatie

    A start

    The Amarillo Tx WiMAX is up and running it has been so for over a week.

  4. D Crunkilton

    Thin film silicon-- low efficiency.

    Abilene has been a clearwire test market for 2-3 years using a precursor of WIMAX. The service area footprint covers most of the city-- not including the rural area outside the city where I live. Abilene is a moderate population density city of 100K. A friend of mine had clearwire for a while because he only had marginal DSL coverage due to the twisted-pair distance to the RT fiber optic terminal. Once ATT was able to provide usable DSL, he dropped clearwire. The local cable company also provides high speed internet. So clearwire has two major competitors where all three services overlap. There is a fourth competitor ATT 3G for mobile broadband. ATT has been under a lot of pressure locally to provide this service to the iPhone given to all students at a local university. (I do not consider ATT 3G to be a competitor-- can't use a router, monthly data cap).

    Outside the city, where clearwire fears to tread, a local IPS, Westexconnect provides broadband to rural areas and smaller towns with 801.11a/b/g wifi equipment from towers. That involves a high gain antenna on the customer end.

    I am guessing that clearwire will not be able to service rural areas any better than cable or DSL, that they will go after moderate sized or larger cities.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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