back to article Wii and PS3 sales slide

Sales of Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s PlayStation 3 have experienced sharp declines during the last three months, both firms’ first quarter financial reports have revealed. Nintendo sold just 2.23m Wii units worldwide during its first financial quarter, ended 30 June. The Japanese gaming giant shifted 5.17m Wiis during the same …


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  1. D@v3

    Front Page News!!!

    Everybody in world owns a Wii...............

    Wii sales drop.

    Word gets out that PS3 is pile of cack........

    PS3 sales drop.

  2. Salim Suleman

    anything to do with the worldwide economic slump

    nuff said!

  3. Alan Bourke

    Does *anyone* use the PS3 for gaming ?

    They better drop the price *worldwide*, not just US and Japan, for Christmas or they may as well bin it.

  4. Mike 61

    Am I the first to say

    Well DUH! You basically have three types of buyers here. The first type, sometimes referred to as "early adopters" got theirs the first year of release. The next group, the "wait and see" group, got theirs the next year(s) after seeing them in action somewhere. The last group, the "I want to buy a new toy" group, is now spending their toy money on food or bills or some such trivial items and don't have the spare duckets to buy a new toy just yet. So unless these things are built like light bulbs (guaranteed to fail after x hours of use), the market will saturate and sales will drop off. So where is the surprise here??

  5. The Avangelist

    I only have a PS3

    because I got it as a gift with my mobile phone (thanks cfonew). Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered because it is far too expensive, it's also way too big!

    Wii sales I can understand, they seem to think they can get away with releasing 1 title a year, and that sort of concept isn't going to survive too long, if Nintendo aren't too careful they could be heading the way of the Saturn.

    3rd parties aren't making great titles (Wii motion has been passed as an excuse to get more 3rd parties in) the downloadable content is over-priced for what it is (I was reluctant to pay a tenner for a Spectrum game in 1988, I don't want to be still paying that price now) and the vast majority of it has either been freely available to those who wanted it, or is a sub-par selection.

    I think that PS3, has staying power quite clearly, however in Europe at least, it is falling down heavily on the lack of downloadable content, the regularity of said content be distributed and losing exclusive titles (ie GTA and Soul Calibre franchises) Microsoft have kept their exclusive titles and quite sensibly too as it does drive unit sales.

    Sadly it would almost seem that Microsoft has had the better business model - even with a subscription based format for online play on a console and no video playback capability as standard.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Mike 61

    it's spelt "ducats", as in ye olde golde coin. Reg comments: educational as well as entertaining and sweary

  7. Si 1

    PS3 price

    With the 360 Arcade model now at £89.99 and the option to buy hard drives and Wi-Fi at a later date when you can afford/want it, it's no wonder the pricey PS3 is failing to sell. Sony need to get the price down pronto.

  8. David Hicks

    The PS3 is a nice machine

    And I think the fact that it *only* sold 1.1 million units is evidence it's not a dead or dying platform.

    I'm not surprised Sony is showing a loss though. They're at the higher end of most of the markets they compete in, and at the moment that's a pretty bad place to be.

    As for exclusives, need I say more than "Ghostbusters" ?

    I've been waiting for a Ghostbusters fps since I was 6.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It must be because of the iPhone

    MacTurds seem to think it is the reason the earth spins, so lets add this to the list.

  10. b166er

    Price drop

    M$ and $ony, both dropped the price of their consoles, maybe it's time Nintendo followed suit?

  11. Kevin 6

    @The Avangelist

    I'm more sure the reason that Wii sales are dipping is more closely related to the market saturation instead of your 1 title per year thing. Nintendo's main game problem is that I hardly ever see a advertisement for Wii games vs seeing Xbox and PS3 adverts non stop. There have been around 8 games I really wanted that and I never knew were released on the Wii or DS while they were being sold and by the time I found out about them I was unable to locate them for a reasonable amount of money (one I found 2nd hand on ebay for over 2X its MSRP). The Gamecube also suffered the same issues with the lack of advertising for games.

    The PS3 lets face it the thing is a Blu-ray playing boat anchor that has almost the same exact titles as the lower priced Xbox 360.

    And lets face it the Wii and PS3 have under a 1% failure rate (according to a search on google and looking at multiple video game related sites) vs the 360's 15-35% (the percentages tend to fluctuate drastically seen one place quoted it over 60% failure rate). Now lets see Nintendo and even Sony doesn't sell as many replacements systems as Microsoft. So is it any real surprise MS ships more 360's?

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Beer cos I'm drinking it

    So from this article I deduce that in this recession, people are looking for a bargain. If you take a look at my crude sales V buying price (based on Tesco prices (for those outside the UK, Tesco is the Uk's biggest comptetitor to the company you know as Walmart (or as we call it Asda))) chart below:-

    Wii 2.33m sales - Tesco Price £175

    PS2 1.6m sales - Tesco Price £99 (although there is a shop near me in Preston selling the non slim versions still for £35)

    PS3 1.1m sales - Tesco Price £299

    At December 2008 the official lifetime sales figures for the above were

    Wii 44.96m

    PS3 21.3m

    PS2 somewhere between 90m and 140m (This isn't "official" per se, Sony have announced different figures many times when it comes to PS2 sales, if you google like I did, you get them all, I've just reported the 2 most extreme, i think they just don't like to own up to the fact the PS2 is outselling the PS3)

    So, my conclusion:-

    Everyone+Dog still "really" wants a Wii, even now tho it's 2/3 of the cost of a PS3

    If you compare PS2 and Wii graphics they are the same. Those that can't afford a Wii are getting a PS2. Identical games different controllers. Personally I have a Wii, but I'm getting my son a PS2 too, because he wants some of the "prequel" games to what he has on his Wii. I was in GAME (UK gaming store) last night, PS3 games are still being released with equivalent PS2 versions. So, identical game, different graphics, but the console cost is 1/3 of the price of a PS3 (and the PS2 games work on the PS3, which is all that matters for the parents buying the consoles and games)

    PS3, erm, a PS2 with better graphics, but the same titles are available.

    I wouldn't be surprised if El Reg's April Fool became true. If I go into town I still see that PS2 titles have more rack space than PS3 ones. Wii titles take up more space than PS2, PS3 and Xbox combined

    So my Conclusion Conclusion

    Wii - Everyone still wants one

    PS2 / PS3 same games, different graphics, whopping difference in sales price.

  13. SynnerCal

    Re: I only have a PS3

    In the original post: "Sadly it would almost seem that Microsoft has had the better business model - even with a subscription based format for online play on a console and no video playback capability as standard."

    Erm, that last part isn't true - my old '360 will quite happily play DVD movies - yes I realise that this probably marks me as "Techno Luddite" but I don't have an HD telly, so BluRay is a non-starter.

    I'm interested to hear that the old PS2 is selling more than the better model in Sony's range - makes me wonder though what the folks buying this are playing, because I've had the devil's own job trying to find new content for the ancient PS2 I've got.

  14. MarkOne

    Interesting... Microsoft are the real losers in all this.

    I know it's fashionable (well it was in 2007) to hate Sony, but look at this:

    Microsoft SHIPPED 1.2m units.

    Sony SOLD 1.1m units

    Even if you ignore the obvious twisting of numbers on Microsofts part, Sony managed to come within 100,000 units (and most likely much closer than that), at a much higher pricepoint. Sony have managed to maintain their premium sales price, and Microsoft needed to make price cuts to even come close to the PS3 sales.

    So who is REALLY doing badly in all this? (Consider Sony also have PSP and PS2 sales to turn revenue and generate profit)

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The PS3

    Really is a nice machine, it's potential is not fully unlocked yet, Sony's model is to support the PS3 for up to 10 years compared to MS's 5 years or so for the 360. Sony have said this from the start, although I would say that all formats lack exclusive titles that can really show off each consoles good features. Gaming is not what it used to be, especially console gaming, everything has gone a bit...well....limp really.

    With software houses developing one game for all formats, none of them shine out as they would if developed for one console, and it shows.

    A some of the on-line content for both formats is good but way too limited some is just a waste of money and some is just OK, the PS3 could have a massive library of PS and PS2 games but Sony choose not to by removing backwards compatibility from the PS3, and releasing very few games on-line. It all smells of infighting over usage rights and royalties and Sony taking too big a cut for developers to bother, and their platform suffers badly for it.

    I hope Sony do sort it all out because I went and bought a PS3 and I can see the potential of the platform, it's just I get the impression that Sony are really screwing it up. I could always simply sell it on and move to a 360.

  16. Tom 106


    I'm guessing that PS3 sales would pick up on the run into Christmas, if only Sony would release the PS3 console in the colour of Silver for the European and US market, like they have done already for the Japan and Hong Kong market.

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @It must be because of the iPhone

    Did anyone else see any mention of any Apple products? Didn't think so. It's obvious to me, AC, that you are a little hard of thinking. The article is about Nintendo and Sony reporting a drop in sales of their current games consoles. The majority of people that are commenting here are either offering up a legitimate but conjectured reason or trashing one of the mentioned products - both fair enough given the subject of the article. Feel free to disagree or offer up your own reasons that are related. You have done neither of these, just posted some puerile nonsense about a pathetic prejudice that you have in a vain attempt to be funny, except you just look like a dick. Now, fuck off.

    Is it possible that the consoles have reached market saturation respectively? What were the quarterly sales like for the same period after launch for the previous models? Both consoles have been out for a while, and there seems to be a bit of recession going on too, expendable income seems non-existent (especially for the twats who think a house is a get-rich-quick scheme), so imagine little Timmy's new PS3 may have been replaced with a DS lite off eBay?

  18. mike panero

    I was going to...

    buy a WII but I woke up and said "What the fuck for?"

  19. TeeCee Gold badge

    Re: The PS3

    That'll be the problem then. Why pay 300 notes for something with a lot of "unlocked potential" (or "cruft you'll never use" as I like to call it) when you can get the same gaming experience for a lot less on something that's built for the task?

    Futureproofing should only be attempted by those who own a tested and reliable crystal ball.

  20. Alex 32

    @ D@v3

    "Word gets out that PS3 is pile of cack........"

    That's in your opinion... it's woefully wrong, but it's still your opinion.

    @Alan B

    Yes, I do - Fallout 3, Killzone 2, LBP etc And for comparison: I use my Elite for GoW etc (albeit rarely now as the PS3 is usually always on)

    @AC "The PS3"

    "Really is a nice machine, it's potential is not fully unlocked yet, Sony's model is to support the PS3 for up to 10 years compared to MS's 5 years or so for the 360. " *Nods head* Forgot about that. I would probably also say that the 360 and Wii haven't realised their full potential either..

    Anyway, to my point: All three consoles have it good, and I wouldn't say that anything past a million is noted as a 'bad decline'. They are still shifting stacks of them, just not to their liking. Well, tough! Everyone I know has a Wii, and everyone I know has either a PS3 or a 360. Maybe everyone has what they want now...? So suggest Nintendo and Sony stop complaining. They are (along with the 360) heavily established formats. So job done. Now get the game devs to work harder! I want Splitters back!!

    Mines a pint of the Black Stuff!

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns


    As a gamer I really don’t understand all the hate out there towards the PS3 I will say that now I am a fan boy and proud but it did not start that way. Since the next gen platforms starting being released I have had 4 360 and 2 Elites cos they keep on breaking as for my PS3 not one problem. For me I can't understand why people are not willing to pay the money for a console that works has better selection of games and (Will say multiplatform play better on 360) the exclusive are great not just HALO HALOHALO O AND HALOHALOHALO, As for the Wii I don’t care for it but have played it a few times around a friends and its a good laugh. All those 360 owners that consoles work that’s great cos they online game play is better than the PS3 but Project Natal well I wonder how well its gonna work cos if it does and works well that could be a massive boot in the ass of Sony and Nintendo but for now buy the PS3 stop being tight otherwise if Playstation does fall of the market race no more competition cos to be honest they are the company to beat.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If you want a cheap console, I would consider going to CeX. You can get a slim PS2 down there for £45 for example. The PS2 games range from £1 to about £6 or so! I'm considering buying one just as a DVD player for the bedroom..!

    We've already got a Game Cube, so the Wii doesn't interest me although the kids would like one.

    We've got a PS3 and all of us like it although we don't use the multimedia features. I have started buying some Bluray discs though - £10 or £15 each from Blockbuster at the moment!

    There are plenty of bargains about (for older PS3 games 4 for £20 in Blockbuster) so just shop around!

  23. glenn 3

    @Simon Banyard

    Toddle off and go stroke your Iphone, theres a good lad.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    I'm a PS3 fan boy.

    Somehow, in our house hold we've managed to get pretty much all the consoles. Our old and faithfull PS2 (which we dont use as we got a first generation UK PS3 that emulates), a WII and 360. Oh yeah we also of a PSP and a DS.

    Now, believe or not I'm not a big console fan but we sort of accumulated the consoles over time.

    Our PS2 must be 6 years old. The PS3 was the toy I wanted and we got it when they were first released. The 360 my son wanted is on perminent loan from a friend (his broke, he got tired of waiting for it to get repaired and bought another, we his repaired version). My wife wanted the Wii.

    Now I didnt particularly care for the Wii as it seemed to be a party piece. We bought loads of stuff for it, including Wii fit. It had a month of glory and now its gathering dust. Exactly as expected.

    The 360 is suffering the same fate. Slightly unfair because if the game is available for both I buy it for the PS3. I see the 360 on par with the PS3 for gaming.

    The PS3 gets used everyday. Its our DVD player, Blue Ray player (yes we have lots of BR films) and used for gaming. We also use it to play music and on demand music videos.

    It doesnt seem to do bad at parties either. Games like Buzz are always a favourite. When I show guests that, I cant get them off.

    So... I just dont understand the negativity of the attitudes with the PS3. That machine has earned x 2 the money I spent on it as far as I'm concerned.

    I actually dont see it as expensive either. There is no anual fee for online subscription, it has a built in blue-ray player. For the absolutely dedicated player, maybe the 360 is better, but the PS3 is in our living room and its serving more than one task I think it comes out as a cheaper proposition to the 360.

    I'm a PS3 Fan boy and Ive got reasons to be one too. So there!

  25. Daniel 22

    Colour me fanboi

    I've always been a sony fanboi, but due to monetry reasons I don't own a PS3. But this is how I see it.

    PS3, is, technologically speaking, the best machine. This cannot be denied by anyone. It's nice looking, powerful, and although it means nothing to most people, it integrates the power supply and is quiet. This is something Microsoft have failed miserably at!

    The blu-ray player, whilst expensive, is a gamble for sony. However, blu-ray is picking up as a format now and It could prove well for them. DVD space is something of an issue for Microsoft, and anyone who argues with this is simply ignorant. Multiple discs are an option, except Microsoft cause a problem as they charge royalties per disc. Anything more than 2 discs and it's not worth the developers time.

    Wii is the family friendly console... I don't think I could say any more than that. We all know why it's good.

    Xbox is technologically inferior. But Microsoft have combatted this with an awesome price, and brilliant software... something you wouldn't expect from Microsoft! It's got the better online play at the moment, and great support. HOWEVER. Microsoft intend to extend the life of the Xbox with project Natal. Pretty sure a new controller isn't going to make the console last any longer as it will only work with certain types of games.

    And what does all this have to do with sales? fuck all. But I like to join in with the console bashing and setting people straight.

  26. Joel
    Big Brother

    @ D@ve


    So what about XBox 360?

  27. Ryan 1986

    a reason for slower sales

    everyone who wants a Wii will own one by now.

    The chances of Sony releasing the PS3 slim this year is looking pretty good at the moment, as for falling PSP's, the PSP Go is released in 9 weeks so why would people buy the old model when the new one is round the corner.

    PS3 sales will increase once the price drop is anounced at TGS later this year, once Uncharted 2 adverts hit TV screens everyone will want to get one. Uncharted 2 looks amazing!

  28. Aortic Aneurysm


    "Nintendo's main game problem is that I hardly ever see a advertisement for Wii games vs seeing Xbox and PS3 adverts non stop. "

    Wut? Seriously, every second advert is for the Wii, wether it be that annoying one where some semi-attractive female sits on a couch with her mum, animal crossing is it? Or Wii Sports resort, or wii motionplus, or raving bunnies of some sort, or pro evo when it came out, or wii fit, or mario kart with z-list celbrity family redknapp. You see my point, I think the last ps3 ad I saw was for Fallout3.

  29. Jess

    @Ryan 1986

    > everyone who wants a Wii will own one by now.

    No not yet. It is just still far more expensive than I feel it should be.

  30. Mark Baker 1

    obvious really...

    The Wii sales are dropping simply because of market saturation, even my parents have one. The PS3 is just too damned expensive for most folks. Only Gamers or Blu-ray loyalist are going to cough up for one of those.

  31. Anonymous Coward

    re: obvious really...

    I don't get why people think the PS3 is expensive. It's like £280 with Killzone2 included. A similar spec Xbox (obviously minus Blu-Ray, Wifi and with chargable online play £40/year) is £230. So you you want to play online, then it's really only £10 cheaper to buy an Xbox (obviously only taking year 1 costs into account), and you still miss out on Blu-Ray, Wifi, and get crappy build quality thrown into the Xbox mix too.

    I really can't understand why ANYONE would buy a Xbox Elite. It simply dumbfounds me. It's not like the games are actually worth having either (PS3 seems to by far and away have the better exclusives these days).

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