back to article Scotch lovers asked to cough up £10,000 per bottle

A Scottish distillery has launched a 50-year-old single malt at an eye-watering, throat-burning £10,000 a bottle, or £357 a tot. Glenfiddich laid down a couple of casks of its single malt 50 years ago, and now plans to bottle the stuff and flog it at the rate of 50 bottles a year over the next decade. The first bottles were …


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  1. blackworx

    Pisshead journos

    "The first bottles were cracked open at a special event at its Dufftown distillery on Monday. Funnily enough, news of the uncorking only made it into the press this morning, suggesting it really hit the mark with the hacks at the event."


  2. Rasczak

    Coke ????? Sacrilege so it is.

    As any self respecting Scotsman knows, there is only one thing that you put into a single malt like this, more of the same single malt.

  3. lee harvey osmond

    "each occasion they enjoy a dram"?

    "each bottle will be hand-blown and presented in hand-stitched, leather-bound cases. Alongside the bottle, a leather-bound book will detail the whisky's history and enable owners to record personal tasting notes for each occasion they enjoy a dram."

    Whisky oxidises in the presence of air, and there's enough air in a typically half-empty bottle to make a noticeable change to the taste; savoury Islay malts turn sweet. I don't generally drink that much Highland malt such as Glenfiddich so while I reckon it would change from sweet to sweeter, I can't say so from experience.

    Generally then, once you've opened a bottle, if you want it to taste right, you need to polish it off. The dregs in a near empty bottle you've had for years will taste completely different to what the distillery's chief taster intended....

    ... so unless you have some fancy system to flush the airspace inside the bottle with nitrogen before shoving the cork back in, drinking one's £10k bottle nip by nip over several years is probably a flawed idea.

  4. Paul Renault

    OK, I'll be first, and just get this one out of the way...

    "For £10,000, it'd better not just be the bottle that get's hand-blown."

  5. Jason Togneri


    "Reports that Coca-Cola are developing a £5000 premium can to provide a suitable mixer for the American market are unconfirmed."

    Nasty! Don't feed the trolls! >:-D

    - a whisky enthusiast ex-pat Scot

  6. Stew Wilson


    I don't know, kids today...

    El Reg writes something a little bit not serious, mebbe taking a bit of piss out of the Americans, you laugh. It's called a "Joke", son.

  7. northern monkey


    Have I accidentally stepped into the Simpsons? Was DuffMan present at the uncorking?

  8. DavCrav

    @lee harvery osmond

    "... so unless you have some fancy system to flush the airspace inside the bottle with nitrogen before shoving the cork back in, drinking one's £10k bottle nip by nip over several years is probably a flawed idea."

    Or buy one of those plungers that you use to evacuate the air completely. They cost about a fiver.

  9. Chris Harden
    Thumb Up

    "Reports that Coca-Cola are developing a £5000 premium can"

    coffee+keyboard moment.

    I know several people who would most definatly mix this - and they would buy the 10k bottle just because they think themselves refined.

    I try not to associate with these people.

  10. Daniel 4

    @lee harvey osmond

    Well, by the time you're dropping ten thousand GBP on a single bottle of scotch, you can most likely afford a nitrogen flush system. They're pretty common among wine enthusiasts, actually, so aside from possibly having an adapter made, it's not like one will be hard to come by.

  11. Arnold Lieberman


    My brother-in-law complained that the Glen Morangie (sp.?) single malt I gave him at a party was too strong, so he diluted it with some lemonade. He hasn't had a drink round here since.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    I have a better idea

    A £50 bottle of single malt would be, maybe, 5% less impressive that the £10k version.


  13. Jamie 19
    Paris Hilton

    What I will do.

    I think I may purchase a bottle of thier fine tipple and hand it over to some whino on the high street in Slough(pronounced SLUFF) to drink while laughing at his poor companions drinking cheap cider.

  14. Dale 3


    Good to hear you will be able to get it at the airport. Much more affordable if you can avoid the duties, which contribute as much as £15 per bottle!

  15. Rasczak

    @ Stew Wilson

    Kids you say, mine are turning out fine.

    I know it was probably meant as a joke, however when a foreign journal writes about whisky you can never be sure :-p

  16. disgruntled yank Silver badge


    Certainly not. Courvoisier is what we put Coca-Cola into. (Also rum, but that's another story.)

    In defense of my countrymen I'll add that a generation still living grew up in counties with local option, where, in the words of much older co-worker, "I bet some of that stuff we drank was aged as much as two, three hours." The upside to this of course is that local prohibition encouraged illegal distribution, which begat NASCAR. Without NASCAR we'd have to extend football season even farther, or else watch bass-fishing tournaments on TV.

    I hope this is all clear.

  17. Andus McCoatover

    Cheaper 'solution'

    Buy a cheap bottle of Teachers and lob some orange marmalade and vanilla toffee in it*. Same flavour, natch, as the article reported.

    Solved! Then flog it for £50 a shot.

    I daren't ever visit Scotland again after that sacriligeous comment...

    As the evaporate from making whisky is known as "The Angel's share", they must now be feeling like rich buggers up there. (Aside - are angels allowed to fly around when pissed?)

    *(Incidentally, here in Finland some bars take a litre bottle of Vodka, and dissolve a couple of packets of 'Fisherman's Friend' candies in it. Takes awhile of gently shaking the bottle, but actually bloody delicious and quite popular. But our winters can be a bit nippy....)

  18. Dr. Mouse

    Wish I could afford it!

    A bar at my university got in a bottle of 40-year-old Scotch. Me and a couple of mates went down to have a wee dram, and it was one of the loveliest drinks I have ever tasted.

    However we were quite fortunate. Although he was only selling it at cost, it was still very expensive (I have no idea what the price, not £50 a shot of course but expensive), but the stupid barmaid didnt realise it was any different to the normal stuff. Hence we got it for normal price, about £1.50.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "however when a foreign journal writes about whisky you can never be sure :-p"

    Hmm. I'm sure you're trolling, however... Whisky is not even Scottish, so we're all a bunch of johnny foreigners drinking a "national" drink, that was created in Asia.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where's the news

    In Jersey , most resturants charge that already. And it's not even the good stuff !!

  21. lglethal Silver badge

    For your £10k you get a book about the whiskey's history!

    Now there's going to be an interesting tale...

    Ingredients were placed in a barrel.

    50 years later...

    Whiskey was extracted, and put in a bottle.

    The End

  22. N2

    £10K for a handblown job?

    That a bit OTT isnt it?

  23. Richard 102

    One thing ...

    ... that I have been known to add is a bit of ice to my whiskey (though not my whisky). This was the result of living for three years in a near-desert environment. It was a horrid place, its only redeeming quality that it left me with a permanent thirst, bless it.

    Mine's the one with the photo of Jack Train in the pocket.

  24. Ian Michael Gumby


    Being a yank, please pardon my British slang, but do you call the author a tosser, a git, a wanker or all of the above for this poor attempt at humor.

    Even in America, we know that you drink your single malts neat, with a water back, or maybe a little water for those who can't stomach cask strength.

    Also the author didn't do his math right. He'll need to at least double his single pour price to account for the mark up that bars place on their drinks. Where else are you going to get a single pour?

    Now if they had said 50yr Laphroig, and the price was $1000.00 (USD), I might, consider it.

    Anyone who's had the 30yr Laphroig will understand.

    FAIL for the Author's attempt at humor, FAIL for the well over priced piss poor marketing attempt.

  25. tony72
    IT Angle


    All I can say is the £180 bottle of Yoichi 20 year old I was contemplating is beginning to look more of a bargain now.

  26. Anonymous Coward

    Tasting note guff

    The tasting notes on 66.28 are, interesting....

  27. Tom 12
    Thumb Down

    How pretentious..

    "Company chairman Peter Gordon described the liquid as "flawless", while a spokesman described the taste as "initially sweet with a zesty orange marmalade and vanilla toffee"

    All Scotch tastes like paint stripper.

  28. Rasczak

    @ AC 12:08

    Distilling may have started in Asia, and of course without a still there would be no whisky, but to say that Whisky came from Asia is like saying that the MIG fighter jet comes from Kitty Hawk.

  29. Lloyd
    Thumb Down

    It's Glenfiddich though

    It's nasty sweet stuff, give me a nice malty Islay to sup before bed.

  30. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    @ Tom12 RE:How pretentious

    How Chav..

  31. StooMonster

    Lessons learnt

    I was at a dinner party recently where one of the guests -- despite being already blotto on wine -- was given a nip of the host's several hundred quid a bottle whiskey (he'd received as a gift) after dinner.

    Evidently the guest liked it so much that he drank the half-bottle that was left over the course of the rest of the evening and emptied it, the host only discovered in the morning when he found the empty along with all the other bottles.

    Don't give your good stuff to people who are already pissed up.

  32. Witty username
    Thumb Up

    @ lglethal

    I Lol`d :D

  33. David S


    You left out the end of the story:

    "And then it was flogged to some pretentious, gullible idiots and we lived happily ever after."

    ...The one with the half-bottle of Teachers in the pocket, thanks. *hic*

  34. Steven Raith
    Paris Hilton

    £5k of coke?

    The last time I spent that much on coke, it came with five free hookers.

    What? Oh, the drink?

    Steven R

    [scot who doesn't like whisky. Or haggis, except when hunting them]

    Paris, due to obligatory low standard, high society coke and hookers gag.

  35. steogede


    >> Now if they had said 50yr Laphroig, and the price was $1000.00 (USD), I might, consider it.

    Indeed. If I had £10K to spend on a single scotch purchase, Glenfiddich isn't the distillery that would spring to mind.

    BTW I think you'd have difficulty getting a 50yo Laphroaig (particularly for $1000). The oldest Scotch they have bottled was 40yo and the current market would set you back about $3000.

  36. Mike Scollan

    @Ian Michael Gumby

    Quote "Even in America, we know that you drink your single malts neat, with a water back, or maybe a little water for those who can't stomach cask strength." unquote

    That's where you are going wrong. Every whisky benefits from a drop of water. The key is not to put anything in that would change the tase, or lower the temperature below ambient.

    If you are disagreeing with this, then you are disagreeing with the Master Distiller @ Laphroaigh

  37. This post has been deleted by a moderator

  38. W

    @ Andus McCoatover

    Vodka+Fishermen's Friend, you say? Good grief!

    (So obscure I think I might give it a whirl, though).

  39. Big Al


    Used to be able to get some rather fine Wedgwood decanters containing 25-yr old single malt Duty Free at the airports. Apparently real single malts are huge in Japan. Funny old thing, life.

  40. Paul 4

    Watering down...

    Is considerd the right thing to do by alot of malt lovers. Means you can taste somthing other than alcohol. Lemonade or soda is also acceptable for somthing you want to drink, rather than ponse over it being a "single malt blablabla" (12-15 year old single)

  41. Ray0x6

    vodka+fisherman's friends

    is definitely my next "experiment".

  42. Brock Linahan

    Now I feel better

    Wow, this makes me feel so much better about that $80 bottle of Lagavulin I just sprang for.

  43. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    best use of 25 year old scotch

    I had a small bottle of 25 year old whiskey (the 50 ml ones) i got from the whiskey museum on castle street in edinburgh i forget the distillery it was from but it cost me about 12 pound so i hope it was a good one. i never got to taste it though. my granddad feel ill shortly after i brought it and we used it to wet his lips just before he died . but like a good scotsman he kept licking his lips so we would giving him more.

    i never got to taste it and it cost me a fortune but at least it was put to a good use.

  44. Annihilator Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Mixing with coke is fine!

    "Reports that Coca-Cola are developing a £5000 premium can to provide a suitable mixer for the American market are unconfirmed"

    I did chortle to myself over that one. However I am fully behind people requesting coke with it. Just means that I can lob in Bells or Grants instead and know they'll never notice the difference. Use Dr Pepper instead of Coke if they ask for Laphroaig.

  45. 4HiMarks

    diminishing returns

    I've found there is generally an inflection point for quality increase of fine spirits that occurs somewhere in the $50-100 (USD) range. That is, a $200 bottle might taste better than a $50 one, but four times as good? Not a chance. There is a much bigger difference between a $20 bottle and a $5 one though.

    Not that I don't enjoy single malts, but scotch tends to be overpriced, in comparison to some other high quality spirits (small batch bourbons, single malt Irish, and now there are some single malt ryes coming out that are just fantastic.)

  46. H 5

    Status symbol (inherently bad Value)

    "For relaxing times, make it Suntory time"

    *boo for no BBCode*

    Bolloe of 100? / £10,000? doubt there's much of a difference.

    Fire icon for "Money To Burn".

  47. Anonymous Coward

    @Mike Scollan

    Unless it's running 200 proof, it's already got a drop of water in it!

  48. Nater


    We only drink Whiskey and Coke with that second rate Bourbon that we produce, it's not done with Scotch Whiskey. At least I've never seen it, and I've been in plenty of bars...

  49. ThinkingOutLoud
    Paris Hilton


    Greeaat... Just what I need to chase down the last bottle of Tesco Value Whisky... (burp)

    Paris because, pro rata, she's just as expensive!

  50. Quirkafleeg

    Aged for how long?'s_Whiskey

    (Oh, and round here, scotch is consumed by the pint. Whisky it ain't.)

  51. Pete 52

    I'm getting old ...

    All i thought when I read it was would get nectar points if I bought a bottle ...

  52. Atrox666
    Thumb Down


    Glenfiddich is the reason most people around here think they don't like Scotch. They take one mouthfull of that paint thinner spit it out and never try it again. I've won a lot of drinking contests drinking Glenfiddich just because it tends to make people puke very quickly.

  53. Anonymous Coward

    £5,000 bottle of Coke?!

    Bloody philistine! Everybody knows it's Pepsi with whisky.

  54. Mostor Astrakan
    Paris Hilton

    @Jamie 19 11:37

    Sluff? That doesn't rhyme with "now".

    The cabbages are coming now.

    The earth exhales!

    Paris, because she is known to frizz out peroxide hair.

  55. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: How pretentious..

    Whilst not having tasted paint stripper I feel that I am in agreement with your general sentiment, personally I wouldn't taste the stuff for 10,000GBP.

  56. David S


    "Scotch Whiskey"

    Fail. Scotch Whisky. Whiskey comes from the rest of the world.

    Scots tend to get quite irate on this point. Look at them all now, bristling away with fury. Y'scunner.

  57. Nigel 11

    @Tom 12

    You've got tasting notes for paint stripper?

    Try a wee dram of Lagavulin or Laphroaig. I'm not saying you'll like them, many don't, but anyone who hasn't destroyed all his taste buds drinking paint-stripper will have to agree that these are complex, multi-layered flavours. And as unlike a mass-market blended whisky, as a pint of good real ale is unlike a pint of Carling.

  58. Carsten Pedersen

    @Dale 3

    "Good to hear you will be able to get it at the airport. Much more affordable if you can avoid the duties, which contribute as much as £15 per bottle!"

    Not to mention the looks on the face those folks going onto connecting flights while forgetting that you can't take the bottle through security for the 2nd leg...

  59. John Dougald McCallum
    Thumb Up


    And as unlike a mass-market blended whisky, as a pint of good real ale is unlike a pint of Carling.By Nigel 11.Wash your mouth out.Mentioning Carling witch piss and ale in the same sentance.Oh and the poster that said all whisky tasted like paint stripper,all 600 odd, Highland Park for one does not,tastes more of liquorice. Slancha.

  60. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    On opening the first barrel for bottling.

    "Erm, there's a dead rat in here."

  61. Mike Wharton
    Thumb Up

    I was at Glenfiddich the owther week

    The tour guide told us they'd already sold a few bottles and she let us sniff inside the casks they came from.

    I've also tasted some really old Macallan but I was only 17 at the time so would probably have preferred it mixed with Lilt.

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