back to article Sky switches on 3D TV channel in 2010

Sky is to launch the UK’s first 3D TV channel in 2010. Sky_3D_about_03 Click for an explanation of how Sky 3D works The channel will offer a broad selection of 3D content, including movies, entertainment and sport. All content will be captured using HD cameras and broadcast over the firm’s existing HD infrastructure, …


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  1. andrew mulcock

    Compression ?

    Are they transmitting two images ( L and R )

    I'd have thought that there is going to be a lot of similarity between the L and R, and so only the difference would have been transmitted.

    After all, MPEG uses I, B and P frames, is there not a 3D equivalent standard that is used to minimise the extra band width ?

  2. Duncan Watts

    Can't wait :D

    With the number of 3D films coming out at the moment, I've definately got to get me one of these.

    Price of a 3D capable blu-ray player?

    Price of a 3D tv?


  3. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Smell my cleats

    I'm most impressed with technology in the diagram depicting the virtual 3D image being larger than the TV set.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    I said this before.....

    It'll be another £10 on top of the £10 surcharge for the HD package so I'll end up with the Sky+ HD 3D Package!

    Paris - cos she looks even more lovely in 3D

  5. Zack Mollusc

    another upgrade

    Exciting stuff! I would be quite upset if I had actually moved on from VHS and CRT. I wonder how long before these rotationally polarised 3D telly systems are obsolete?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    What's the protocol for 3D TVs?

    And is it compatible with- or could it be fairly easily converted to be compatible with- IZ3D monitors, my eMagin z800 HMD, etc? Could you take it out as a pair of video signals for a simple dual-monitor-and-mirror polarised set-up?

    Could it be used with Shutter Glasses- allowing its use with HD-box equipped CRTs?

    If I could use this with a decent variety of devices I'd be very tempted to sign up with Sky just to support 3D video. Especially if, as El Reg suggests in its linked image, that there's an angel captured in the image.

  7. Zack Mollusc

    tech details

    If you click the picture you get the least informative diagram ever.

  8. Iain 15
    Paris Hilton

    Of course

    It will only really take off when they start making 3D porn. Kinda like the internet in that respect

  9. Steve Power

    Filling the God slot?

    Why does camera one focus on an angel while camera two just gets to focus on a plain old angle?

  10. indie
    Paris Hilton

    Paris knows the answer

    "However, the broadcaster hinted to Register Hardware that it’ll sit somewhere between SD and 1080p."

    So, 720p then?

  11. umacf24

    it's not 3D TV...

    ... It's Tri-V. Sky are philistines.

  12. Paul E

    Strange coincidence

    That they announce this the same day that Virgin Media start adding some more HD channels?

    Anyway given what they can broadcast in 3D you will get:


    A few 3D films.

    Until there is more significant prerecorded 3D content that will be it for quite a while. You can get TV companies to record things in HD because its a replacement camera and they can downgrade to SD when needed. How many content providers will feel the need to go to 3D HD camera with all the related production problems? I would guess not many till there is a large enough market.

  13. ElNumbre
    Paris Hilton

    Mint Tray...

    And all because the lady... Cant see the point in forking out 50 quid a month for that bloody sky telly. Why don't you do some chores Malcom? There's plenty DIY that needs doing round the house rather than you staring at that goggle box all day. Ohh, is that that David Beckham? Ohh he does look extra muscley these days, ohh, thats nice, very nice, ohh yes..... When's the soccerball on again Malcom?

    Paris, because I await her movie in 3D...

  14. Martin 71 Silver badge


    If you click the image, not only does the 3D system allow the image to appear larger than the TV but it appears to have supernatural help, more specifically, one camera concentrates on the left angel of the subject.

    It's the one with the dictionary stuffed into one pocket and a sky viewing card in the other.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So only those people with perfect eyesight or contact lenses can use 3D glasses??? That should reduce the audience somewhat. Not to mention the number of broken glasses from being sat on....

  16. Studley

    Am I the only one...

    ...who remembers how rubbish 3D glasses were first time around?

    How long until Sky announces smell-o-vision integration?

  17. Gary 23

    Sport in 3D?

    Sport in 3D could be exhilarating or disgusting... on one hand.... boxing would be absolutely breathtaking - you'd probably find yourself ducking out of the way of punches! But imagine watching the typical Premier League goon running up and down occasionally spitting phlem IN 3D!!!

    As I recall they have tried many times to introduce 3D in the past - but the crappy glasses that you need to wear always ruin it. It's not so bad for a one off in the cinema, but every day in front of your TV?

  18. Fab De Marco

    I welcome it!!!

    I am not bothered about 3D. But if the surcharge moves on to 3D TV then. The Surchange for HD can go away and I can get HD!! Hurrah!!!!

    Plus I am a speccy wearer so 3D doesn't work for me.

    3D TV will completely kill off conversation. though. You will have to stare at the TV constantly. You won't be able to take your eyes off for a few seconds to chat with a mate then focus back into the 3D world...

    Rubbish! I may have a different view when Avatar comes out later this year. supposedly ground breaking stuff!

  19. Jimmy Floyd
    Jobs Horns


    Good. I'll be using it to gauge which people have too much money and too few outside interests.

    "So you can watch some football and ... about 5 films. At lower-than-HD resolution. Great. When I get bored of this in 5 minutes you can move on and tell someone else about it."

    The only irritation is going to be their puppy-dog expectations of emotional validation at their underwhelming purchase and how I'm going to have to restrain myself from bringing into question the quality of their education.

    Steve, because he makes nice-looking but technologically-suspect products too.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    I've seen it in action

    I work for Sky and have seen a 3D showreel. The concert and sports footage in particular was most impressive, the image actually appears to go into the screen rather than coming out of it. I've also heard that it should be compatible with other types of screens, not just the ones that require polarizing glasses, although that was what was being demonstrated when I saw it. Based on that alone I can see it taking off.

  21. W

    Jimmy Floyd @ 08:30 GMT has nailed this one.

    Yeah, Coraline in 3D at the Cinema was vaguely impressive. But I can't help thinking 3DTV is a niche novelty rather than a new must-have format. Much like HD.

    >"In order to see a 3D image, Sky stressed that you will have to fork out for a 3D-ready TV and wear polarising glasses."

    -In order to sell 3D TV, I stress that Sky will have to come up with a more compelling proposition.

    Plus, an awkward situation still remains for the significant proportion of the population that are glasses wearers. None of the obvious solutions (contacts / prescription 3D glasses / clip on 3D lenses) come close to being a compelling solution.

  22. An-D
    Paris Hilton


    This isn't the same as the old red and blue lens glasses. They use a clear polarising lens which is why you need a 3D capable telly.

  23. Stephen Gazard

    what if you lie on your side

    I remember that the one thing I found annoying with polarised setups is that if you tilt your so that the glasses are not horizontal, then the 3D effect is lost. It's quite annoying especially if you want to lie down to watch TV, or slouch, or have a crick in the neck, or lean up against someone, or tilt your head, or...

    Not in my mind a great product. I do remember '3D' screens for laptops which were two screens layered at different resolutions and that had no need for glasses, such as in

    No idea how well it works though, and you do need to be in front of it...

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    I'm all for this!

    Porn will never be the same again!! Penny Flame and Lily Thai in 3D! magic!!

    Paris, because having all three of them in a film would be great for 3D!

  25. Wize

    Does anyone else remember the 3D porn scene in Jonathon Creek?

    I've not bothered going for HD as I've yet to see the advantage. And being a non couch potato (only interested in sport when playing, not watching) there is limited HD content for me.

  26. Christian Berger

    I don't think I fully get it

    So the signal comes into your house from which it gets into your sofa and your wife projects it onto the screen. I'm single, can I still get it?

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