back to article AOL's pulse slows as Q2 revs slip 24%

Internet old guard AOL might be grateful the world is looking in the other direction today, after its parent company Time Warner reported less than rosy second quarter results for the tech firm. AOL saw revenue sharply decline 24 per cent to $804m for the three months ended 30 June this year, compared with $1.06bn in its 2008 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AOL CDs

    Where did all those AOL CDs go? Come on AOL I could use some new tea coasters!

  2. dave 81

    Typical friend on aol query.

    Friend: I am having trouble with my broadband

    Me: Oh, okay, who is your ISP?

    Friend: AOL

    Me: That's your problem, change ISP's.


  3. Martin 47

    The old large company problem

    It seems to hit all companies that grow, eventually they loose site of their key stakeholders, in aol's case they seem to have forgotten that its the paying customers and not the advertisers.

    I quite liked aol in the old days and would probably still be with them if their customer service levels had been maintained.

    I suspect that it is too late for them now

  4. Mike 119

    AOL - Your time has been and gone

    Yes, I remember the time when they blanketed everything with CD's, you could not help but avoid them.

    But the time has come for AOLit to fade quietly into the memorys of the old timers. Let become nothing more than a Wikipedia entry.

  5. jake Silver badge

    In other words ...

    People are learning to block online ads and/or ignore them, and they are learning that AOL isn't "the internet" (whatever that is).


  6. Raymondo B

    AOL UK is different

    AOL UK is very different to the US situation. Carphone Warehouse owns the Internet access business (so it's really TalkTalk in that regard) but it must offer AOL content as a condition of sale. But that must be time limited.

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