back to article IBM iron predicts the future

Back in May, at its annual day to preach to IT and Wall Street analysts, IBM laid out is vision for providing real-time, predictive analytic systems that will allow managers to take longer lunches and take credit for ideas that are not their own. Well, something like that. IBM wants to take control over the business analytics …


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  1. klarien masters

    Easy tiger......... !!!!

    all very exciting stuff but the hands-off approach to commodity computing is still a long way away, moving the IT processing environment back to the world of black-boxes essentially under the control (albeit via managment software/process) of big blue (or is it black now ?!?) always results in huge cheques being written ultimately. This reminds me of the evolution of the car - once upon a time I opened the bonnet and there it was "the engine", now when I open the bonnet "well it must be in there somewhere"

    aaaah progress....... bring in the clowns

  2. Anonymous Coward


    I love the first paragraph of this! It could only have been written by IBM Managers! Most IBMers don't even take lunch breaks, they certainly can't afford to eat in the subsidised canteens, and as for taking credit for other's ideas, only the spin doctors could have thought that comment was a good idea .....

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Progress.... a higher level of ConFusion

    "IBM said that it has four customers testing the BAO boxes, and one of them is a "large government agency" .."

    Let's hope that another is the Federal Reserve, who appear to be struggling a bit ... working dodgy moves under a malformed cloud model. ......

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