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Pocket Universe is the creation of one John T. Kennedy who was inspired by lack of opportunities to view the night sky with any clarity or frequency in his native Dublin. The app is basically a star map, which takes advantage of the new iPhone 3GS compass to provide a Virtual Sky, which follows your movements, enabling you to …


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  1. Tim Ling

    You missed the Star trek angle

    Can't believe you missed the fact that the interface is based on the LCARS interface on the ST:TNG computers. That would also explain the beep :P

  2. Phil 54


    Betelgeuse is spelled incorrectly on the screen shot

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How long until this app gets pulled

    due to a copyright complaint from CBS and/or Paramount? Not that LCARS is anything but butt-ugly, but they've sued people into the ground for lesser infractions.

  4. Jamtea

    A not so secret Trekkie?

    From the design of the interface shown in the first screen, it is pretty obvious that the application designer has borrowed heavily from the Star Trek LCARS interface designs. Now to wait for the letters from Paramount's lawyers to come flooding in...

  5. Steve Glass

    Google Sky

    Google Sky on Android phones has been doing this for a little while now. Its also free.

  6. EvilSlugg
    Thumb Up

    Good App

    But even though the review says there's not a hint of sci-fi, the interface looks very much like the computer interface on Star Trek The Next Gen, perhaps the annoying beep is the same one as on start trek too.

  7. John 62

    I'd get it

    just because the UI looks like LCARS!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Steve Glass

    Yes, but El Reg have been assimilated into the Jobs collective. They are currently operating a rotation scheme so the entire staff can continue to live after one of them mysteriously lost an internal organ.

  9. Marc Goldman


    The beautiful Star Walk already uses the compass and I think Starmap does too.

    The former has a very nice way of showing constellations too.

  10. Sim

    a pedant speaks

    Alderbaran and Betelguese are incorrect spellings.

  11. Law
    Thumb Up

    makes me wonder...

    ... if I jailbreak the phone can I re-skin the interface to use lcars layout.... I miss it... sniff...

    No startrek icons... this upsets me greatly.. perhaps replacing the angel jobs and angel gates would open up a couple of startrek slots?

    Oh - and thanks for the app reviews, it's nice to see some interesting apps coming out still... I've all but stopped looking at the app store because it's just overrun with crap these days... except for monkey island ofcourse! :)

  12. cphi
    Dead Vulture

    this got past Reg editorial control?

    shouldn't -

    'and a link to Wikipedia will inform you of their details and statistics'

    be replaced with

    'and a link to Wikipedia, the controversial encyclopedia that can be edited by anybody irrespective of qualifications, will provide more information, although given Wikipedia's well established and intrinsic lack of reliability, it's a shame a more substantiated source wasn't used.'

    there - I think that should pass muster

  13. Mathew White


    Does it come with incorporeal voice of Majel Roddenberry?

  14. northern monkey

    Pocket Universe... tested in greenbank park.

    Do you have to have the 3GS, or can you use it in reverse (work out your view from positioning/scaling a set of starmaps over your actual view - I guess automating this might be more than the iphone processor combined with your outstretched arm can handle without severe cramp setting in).

    I decided against the 3GS as I didn't see a compass and video as crucial to my daily life, the rest of the 'new' features were os 3.0 features! I could probably cope without this, as long as I can play tap tap revenge to daft punk technologic.

  15. Dave 142


    check out iLCARS app if you want to do some scanning for tachyons or suchlike

  16. Adam Starkey


    I prefer GoSkyWatch. I've been using it on my Touch for over a year now, and it works great.

    At six bucks it's more expensive that this one, but it eschews the stupid LCARS interface for one that actually make sense.

  17. Carl W
    Jobs Horns

    Can Apple do a Kindle?

    I bought this. Should Paramount get all legal on the author's ass resulting in Apple's pulling of the app, can they 'do a Kindle' and remove it from my iPhone?

  18. Greg J Preece

    Been on Android for ages?

    Hasn't there been one of these on Android for donkeys? My boss has it on his G1.

  19. Colin MacLean

    Version 2.0

    Might be more interesting when the "augmented reality" features of OS 3.1 become available - point the phone at the sky and it'll tell you what you're looking at...

    Obviously, you'll have to buy some kind of Wii MotionPlus-style hardware plug-in to make it in any way accurate...

  20. Michael Brown
    Jobs Halo

    @Carl W re: Can Apple do a Kindle?

    I don't know if they can technically, but even if they can, they have not done it in the past when apps such as Netshare were pulled from the App Store. Those who had bought it could keep it.

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