back to article Yahoo! confirms Gmail add-on buy

Yahoo! has confirmed it will acquire Xoopit, a San Francisco-based startup that offers tools for mining and redistributing photos, videos, and other files that pile up in web-based email clients. On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that the web giant was in "final stage negotiations" with the startup, and though the …


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  1. The Vociferous Time Waster

    looking for an excuse to switch from yahoo to gmail?





    that is all

  2. lukewarmdog


    "For you Gmail+Xoopit users out there who’ve been waiting for an excuse to switch to Yahoo!, here’s your chance,"

    Do they really believe there's people out there thinking "Oh if only there was some reason to switch to Yahoo and ditch this Gmail account I've had for the last five years..."

    And who "switches"? It's not like electricity where you can only get it from one provider at a time.

    As for "Yahoo! Mail is actually home to one of the largest online photo repositories in the world"

    are they getting confused with their other online photo repository - flickr?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    why switch email?

    Changing email provider is a huge pain in the arse if you use the provided address without your own domain name. It means giving everyone your new address, not just people, but websites as well. A lot of websites use your email address as your username.

    That's why I have my own domain name and have it forwarded to my free webmail accounts. Apparently GoogleApps is even better for this, but I've not gotten around to using it yet, as I use my domain name alreay with Gmail.

  4. Sceptical Bastard

    Reposing on a Yahoo mailserver near you .....

    Quote: "Yahoo! Mail is actually home to one of the largest online photo repositories in the world."

    Yeah. Right. And 99% of the images are rubbish. Let's hear it for the world's greatest repository of blurry camera-phone snaps of Uncle Darren falling over dead drunk at our Sharon's wedding. And a billion images of cute little puppies - awww, bless - and cats stuck up trees.

    Quote: "... millions of you use Yahoo! Mail as your primary way to share the photos of important moments in your lives..."

    Like that important moment when Karen was watching 'Two Pints' and laughed so much she pissed herself. Oh how we laughed! Luckily we caught the whole incident, stained jeans and all, on our mobes. It was nearly as important as the time our toddler, Wayne Jnr, fell off the swing - we had a right laugh and recorded it on our mobes too before he was rushed to hospital in an ambulance. We'll be sharing photos of the important moment when his little coffin is lowered into the ground, of course.

    Bah. Humbug.

  5. Charlie Barnes

    April Fools

    "users out there who’ve been waiting for an excuse to switch to Yahoo!"

    Thats's a good one. Deserves to be in a christmas cracker.

  6. Joe 3

    @ Sceptical Bastard

    Made me laugh, but you went a bit dark at the end there!

  7. W


    "Xoopit lets you pluck multimedia from your webmail account, before sharing them with friends, colleagues, and world+dog."

    How is this in anyway a functional improvement beyond forwarding an email+attachments or posting the attachment to a flickr or facebook account?

    Well... I just had a look at the Xoopit webpage and wading through the buzzwords, it would appear to be some form an advanced search/attachment browser.

    OK.... I'm using Gmail, and Xoopit works with Gmail. What was that compelling reason to start using Ymail?

    And even if I did want to use it, I'd have to question the wisdom of "letting something into my inbox". That may or may not be a valid concern, but at least at the moment I know Google are the only ones trawling my inbox for keywords. Opening the stable door to external apps is just not an appealing prospect.

    There is a reason stuff sinks to the depths of my gmail inbox without trace. If it was important, I would have starred it, downloaded and saved it locally, replied to to, it to myself, with a bunch of easily searched for keywords, etc etc etc

    And if something does need dredging up, what's wrong with "has:attachment jpg from:Person after:2008/05/22 before:2009/05/22 keyword" etc? (Apart from knowing what the search operators are? - Which is something that Gmail could maybe think about making more accessible.)

    Xoopit just seems like a case of an in-elegantly over-engineered solution looking for a problem.

  8. Fluffykins Silver badge

    When it turns out so-one is very interested

    They'll start embedding the thing in the installers for all sorts of innocent sounding applications, with the "Don't install Yahoo Crap" tick box buried in fourteen pages of licence popups.

    Just like the bloody Yahoo toolbar.

    Hate parasiteware.

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