back to article Rackspace open-sources cloud APIs

A week after adding API access to its Amazon-esque cloud, Rackspace has now open-sourced these APIs. On Wednesday, the company said it had opened up the specs for both its Cloud Servers APIs and Cloud Files APIs under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Meant to encourage the development of open standards for all so- …


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  1. James Woods
    Dead Vulture

    who cares

    Nothing else to do then republish a companies press release? Rackspace has nothing to do with the interest of fun-loving reg readers.

    Other "competitors" of rackspace have had api's for years, perhaps you published their pr's as well.

    Keep up the promotions. Does anyone seriously use rackspace to host anything? Oh wait, theregister does, I smell conflict of interest.

    Someones getting some free hosting!

  2. Dr Who
    Thumb Up


    I've used a whole raft of hosting outfits and the only one that has been any good is Rackspace. In fact after four years of using them there is nothing bad I can say. Their motto is Fanatical Support and that's what they give you (no I don't work for them).

    It's well worth noting that their Cloud Services are pretty much unique in offering any kind of meaningful SLA.

    Finally, as far as I'm concerned the Reg can promote anyone they want to. Is there a law against that. You don't have to read it if you don't want to.

    Have a good weekend James. I'm hoping you have at least one friend to spend it with.

  3. Graeme 4
    Thumb Up

    Rackspace Are Great

    I have to agree with Dr Who. I don't often recommend any service to anyone - but I do recommend Rackspace to people.

    They are far from cheap (although I found hard negotiation on price helped) but if you are concerned about uptime they certainly do a good job. I have had 2 servers with Rackspace for over 2 years and have barely had a minute down time.

    Their support is truly fanatical so if you need it, it is worth paying for.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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