back to article Yahoo! lavishes $75m on self

Despite another quarter of un-Google-like declining revenues, Yahoo! says it will reverse several months of cost-cutting, feeding $75m into new hires, new tech, and its very own Yahoo!-trumpeting ad campaigns. During the quarter ending June 30, Yahoo! revenues fell to $1.57bn, a 13 per cent drop from the same quarter last year …


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  1. Anonymous Freetard


    Where! are! the! obligatory! Yahoo! exclamation! marks!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's all the rage, I gather ...

    If your broke, you just spend more money and spend your way out of trouble! Its so simple. We're told.

  3. W

    Search / Delicious

    I recently went back to Yahoo! as my default search engine for a while. I lasted a week before I realised that for every other search, I was going from Yahoo! to Google, and then doing the search from there.

    Whatever the reason for that might be, Yahoo! needs to overcome it.

    Primarily, Yahoo! need to get their search output sorted.

    Clusty and Cuil and Scour attempt a different spin on things, but they face the problem of being too blimmin' slow for before we even bother to consider the results.

    Ask Jeeves is ok. Re-Rebranding was logical, but bringing back that butler as a full screen height image is just daft and reeks of a yearning for a time gone by, grasping for folk who still have Bonzi Buddy installed.

    MS used to have a compelling reason to use 'em because of their Maps (they showed rail stations and sometimes had better sattelite imagery). But they've since (quite literally) obscured those positives by seperseding/rebranding with multimap, whose fixed screen furniture takes up plain silly amounts of screen estate. Google now show rail stations and bus stops anyway.

    After that bunch, who is there? Dogpile, Twine, Hakia, Searchme, Kosmix? We'll see...

    Hopefully some of this new investment will go into polishing the gem that is Delicious. That and Flickr are Yahoo!'s two biggest pluses, in my book.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    H-1B's, anyone?

    No doubt the majority of "engineers" hired will be slave-labor imports - those who must be loyal to Momma Yahoo or else face the wrath of the Dragon Lady [Bartz] herself, and a quick trip on a cheap rickety airliner back to wherever godforsaken third-world country they came from.

    Bartz' MO is fire, then re-hire. She pulled the same trick at Autodesk and I'm sure that Y!'s board of directors asked her to do the same.

  5. Franklin
    Thumb Down

    While they're at it...

    ...perhaps they could throw some money my way to help them out of some of their security problems.

    I'm up to about 50 spam emails a day that all work the same way: the spammers use automated software to set up phony Yahoo groups, the spammers place a redirector on the Yahoo group's front page, the spammers spam the address fo the Yahoo group instead of their own domain.

    For just a tiny percentage of the money they're spending, I could tell them to fix their CAPTCHA and to disallow embedded JavaScript in the description of a Yahoo group. It'd be win-win! I'd make a few bucks, they'd get control of their servers back.

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