back to article 300 Irish jobs go at Intel

Intel is firing 300 workers, six per cent of its Irish workforce, at a plant near Dublin because the product they have been making is obsolete. The plant is at Leixlip, County Kildare, and a three-month long consultation process has begun with the workers involved, meaning the first departures will be in October. These are …


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  1. FreeTard

    Leccy costs too much

    The cost of electricity is the reason so many companies are going tits-up. But the government are incompetent to realise this... baxturds.

  2. ElFatbob


    companies such as Intel also know that in the long term, countries such as Ireland are going to be more expensive to produce in, no matter how good the tax benefits offered by the Irish govt are...

  3. Barracoder

    No connection to the $1bn fine imposed by the Commission then...

    Of course not. I'd also fuck off out of Europe if the wankers in charge started charging me for being too good at my job.

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