back to article Intel appeals billion euro fine

Chipzilla has appealed against a record €1.06bn ($1.5bn) fine imposed on it by the European Commission in May. "We believe the European Commission misinterpreted some evidence and ignored other pieces of evidence," Intel spokesman Robert Manetta told Reuters today. The US chip maker filed the appeal with the Luxembourg-based …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where does all the money go?

    I'm all for the EU going after naughty companies like this, but where does all the money from the fines go? In this case, intel have profited, and amd have lost out hugely, so surely it should go to AMD?

    (having said that, imagine the queue of formerly embraced and extended companies filing extra complaints about microsoft.. sounds good right? now think of the number of lawyers involved. scary!)

  2. Fred 1


    Commissioner I'd like you to check on this evidence you appear to have overlooked.

    Here, in this unmarked brown paper envelope.

    About the only way I can see them wriggling out of this one.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    For the love of punters

    Fine them 10 times that amount for harming anti-competitive rules, PLEASE!

  4. Michael Fremlins


    In the pockets of the mostly nameless bureaucrats, where else?

    EU = lots of money for political nonentities.

  5. StillNoCouch
    Thumb Down


    Because we can't make a living the old fashioned way, we'll subsidize our industry and economy through fines levied on US businesses.

  6. Andy Barber


    "...but where does all the money from the fines go? In this case, intel have profited, and amd have lost out hugely, so surely it should go to AMD?"

    Why just AMD? What about IBM, INMOS, Motorola, Sun, & Zilog?

  7. Sampler

    And in other news..

    The sun will rise tomorrow, water's wet and England will loose the next world cup...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It should be $500 Billion

    Both Microsucks and InHell have been convicted multiple times on several continents of perpetual violation of anti-trust laws. They will continue these violations of law until they are fined enough to hurt - because it's currently profitable even with a billion dollar fine to violate law. The EU, US, Japan, etc. should all be fining Microsucks and InHell $500 Billion per year and suspending sales of all products until these convicted criminals comply with all anti-trust laws worldwide.

  9. Gannon (J.) Dick

    Wall Street Ethics

    Did anybody notice that when Intel announced their quarterly earnings last week with a 10 cent/share one time charge for this the stock still went up because earnings "exceeded analyst expectations".

  10. vincent himpe

    Hot dog

    Neelie Kroes went to study with Frau Ferbissena or what ?

  11. David Ouillette 1

    How can it be anti-competitive with no one to compete

    This is a complete farce of the legal system. The deals that Intel offered were accepted by companies. This was not a one sided deal. These companies chose to accept the deals knowing that they couldn't sell the AMD procs in the first place. If they had thought they could sell the AMD procs over the Intel procs don't you think they would have gone for the bigger seller in a heart beat?

    So far, all I can tell about the EU is that it would suck to be the best in any single market. Regardless of it if it is a foreign or an native European company, if you are the best or top in a market they are gunning for you. They seem to under the false notion that every market should have equal competitors and that it is only illegal practices that may make one company shine over another. Reality check, all companies are not created equal. What is next? Intel can only come out with chips on AMD's pace?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Guilty as charged...

    No question they're guilty as charged. My son worked for a while in a large computer store, where Intel had their own people at the entrance door extolling their products to visitors. The entire climate in the shop was blatantly pro-Intel and anti-competitive. People asking for Pcs with AMD processors were subject to a deluge of propoganda rubbishing AMD products.

    For Intel to claim that sort of thing wasn't happening is adding barefaced cheek to an open and shut offence.

  13. Colin 12

    @ StillNoCouch

    It's comments like this that makes the rest of the world think all americans are idiots worthy of nothing but derision.

    "Because we can't make a living the old fashioned way, we'll subsidize our industry and economy through fines levied on US businesses."

    Yeah we Europeans are so bad at business we need to do that. Tell me is that why so many US companies are desperate to make inroads into our markets? Of course US business can always opt not to trade in the EU, but I suggest you go ask their CEO's if they'd like to lose several billion dollars of EU business and see what they tell you.

    If anything the EU subsidises US jobs because for every US product sold over here some dumb yank can afford to sit and make crass comments. Typical Fortress America BS from some prat who probably thinks that Fox News really is a News Channel.

    At least the EC has the balls to take on big businesses like Intel and Microsoft and demand that they compete in a fair manner and within our trading laws.

    Unlike the US where all big business has to do is keep dragging the litigation out until, they get a "Corporate Friendly" President and Government, who will make the nasty judge's ruling go away. That's why it's called "Capital Hill" after all isn't it?

  14. gjw

    @where does all the money go

    To the member states, so eventualy it benefits the consumers.

  15. Jonathan 17

    @AC and Colin12

    Completely agree with both of you.

    First, companies continue to engage in such behaviour - fraud, abusing monopolies and price fixing - because its still economically sensible to do so. Their gain by behaving illegally is worth more than any damaging PR and any fine. In future, accountants should assess the total gain that the corporation made from its actions, and then fine them double that. Hit them where it hurts, and the shareholders will vote the entire board out. Oh, and whoever made the decision to do that (and some definitely did, it didnt just "happen") needs a jail sentence and a 10 year ban on working in any corporate position with decision making authority.


    Yeah, I dont know why Yanks (and some others to be fair) complain about the EU - the US DOJ found Microsoft guilty in the past and its currently investigating Intel. And they also hit those LCD manufacturers who were price fixing. And Intel has been found guilty in both Korea and Japan. Why then, as soon as the EU stands up for its customers, they are automatically left wing commies who cant run their... economic area?

    I'm happy that the EU are doing this, obviously if Intel really had a problem with it they would pull out of the EU entirely, but at the moment it seems they admit what they did but deny that it was illegal. Most reasonable people (including, importantly, The Law) disagree.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    @ StillNoCouch

    I agree with Colin 12. StillNoCouch you obviously have no idea how business works. The companies Intel sold their stuff too had a choice. Accept Intels deal or go bankrupt. As the meerkat would say SIMPLES.

    Unlike the US, Europe is not the Land of the Fee, Home of the Paid. We have laws to protect us from big business and their dodgy antics.

  17. FreeTard


    So you really think that Intel has been fair to their competition then?

    You truly believe that Intel telling the IBM's/Dell's/HP's etc of this world that they will loose out financially (they will be charged more by Intel for their chips) if they go with AMD?

    AMD is also a US company by the way.

    The EU is, in this arena, a very fair system. I do not agree with all the eurocracy but when it comes to justice, there is no substitute. Certainly not in the US as we have already seen what happens with Microsoft and the DOJ's anti-trust case.

  18. EvilGav 1

    @ StillNoCouch

    The US government has been propping up your economy for years, which is why your country is in actuality bankrupt, what with debt at over $2trillion.

    And aren't you the country that whines to the WTO when anyone dares to impose import duties on US goods, but refuses to acknowledge any wrong-doing on your own part ? Or how about the gross criminal acts of excluding non-US companies from trading within the US (on-line gambling, anyone) ?

    And isn't your banking system only still in existence because of the billions that the Saudi's et al have kept in the banking system ?

    And aren't your property prices actually worth anything thanks to the Japanese and Chinese buying all the office blocks and hotels ?

    And aren't your military suppliers selling more jets, due to constraining rules being imposed on the EU selling on equipment, that the US allows the companies to do directly ?

    Before throwing stones, please check that you aren't living in a glass house.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Send them to jail

    Why can't big companies be sent to jail? Banned from trading. A company is made up of people. The actions of a company are directed by people. If a company had its activity completely frozen, worldwide, stock going nowhere, no goods coming in or out of it, or of third parties fulfilling contracts on their behalf ... then that would hurt the people IN the company that are performing the illegal acts in the first place.

    As long as money is coming out of a corporate purse with little direct impact on the people themselves, there is no incentive to not perform illegal market acts.

    Something along this nature is the only thing that I think could actually make a difference. I wouldn't like to be the person in a marketing department that could likely be linched by all the people from accountancy, packing, HR, IT, shipping, etc. ... they'd all be very angry people who would have no compunction about handing my innarts to the local vultures. (no offence El Reg)

  20. Jdyson

    Obviously, an attempt to further Tax American company

    If the proceeds went to AMD, then the fine would be more appropriate. In this case, this is yet more sour grapes against an American company that is insanely successful. I really don't care in the sense that I have no love for AMD or Intel, and I have no interest in either company. However, the powers that be in the EU would have a lot more credibility if they'd take their 10% commission and then give the rest of the proceeds to the agrieved party.

    Frankly, the complaints against Intel appear to be artificial anyway. Any time there is an incredibly successful company/person, there will always be those who want a piece of their wealth.

  21. Barracoder

    I hope it was worth 300 Irish jobs

    I hope making sure AMD doesn't get screwed by Intel was worth 300 Irish jobs. Well done there, Commissioners. The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again.

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